CBD can be an absolute game changer for a lot of people

He purchases a strong marijuana oil that is made through ethanol extraction

Ever since the federal government broadly legalized CBD in 2018, there has been a significant boom in the industry. Many people started producing, selling, and distributing CBD products after the 2018 Farm Bill legalized any cannabis derived from a “hemp” plant. This law defined “hemp” as a cannabis variety that has less than 0.3% of THC in it after harvest. However, there were some companies growing hemp and selling it after the 2014 Farm Bill created an ambiguous loophill for CBD legalization. You could still get in trouble for sending it in the U.S. mail until the 2018 Farm Bill completely disconnected CBD from the DEA restrictions on traditional marijuana. Despite the CBD industry doing so well and the number of people who have had their lives changed forever because of the medicine, CBD didn’t help me much when I tried it. I have learned about the medical benefits of CBD even if it doesn’t help me with my own anxiety and depression problems. Only cannabis products with high THC seem to melt away heavy depression on days when I’m struggling to get through our bi-weekly work. However, our cousin got off narcotics by taking ratio cannabis products which have an equal amount of THC and CBD inside at a single-to-one ratio. He purchases a strong marijuana oil that is made through ethanol extraction. In the lab the CBD and THC are combined with either cannabis-derived terpenes or botanical terpenes. Sometimes you get a high THC oil with barely any CBD, or you get a ratio product that has equal amounts of both. My cousin said the ratio products are the best things he has found yet for his physical pain.

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