Curbside pickup at the dispensary

I enjoy shopping at the cannabis dispensary for new products and strains. I’ve found that marijuana is excellent for treating all sorts of aches and pains, headaches, bee stings, minor cuts and acne. I am a fan of the bath bombs for relaxing and alleviating stress at the end of a long work day. Because of my hectic schedule, it is sometimes hard to find the time to shop. There are often long lines waiting to check out. I was delighted when the dispensary added curbside pickup to their amenities. I can now browse hundreds of items online. The menu includes all of the strains of flower, packs and single pre-rolls, high potency concentrates, tinctures, topicals, vapes and even every imaginable type of gear. Every item includes a picture and description. I can easily search by indica, sativa or hybrid and check the THC or CBD content. I simply click on items to add them to my cart. After I’ve made my selections, the website allows me to choose a pickup time. They get my order ready within ten minutes, and I can pick it up anytime after that. All my information is already included in the profile I created, and I can pay by credit card. I then receive a message confirming a successfully placed order. I get a text message letting me know when it is ready for pickup. The dispensary offers an area right out front that is reserved for express pickup. I pull up and one of the budtenders delivers my package right to my vehicle. It is quick, simple and so convenient. I don’t need to get out of my car, and there are no added fees for the service.

recreational cannabis