Durban Dawg and other Durban strains are fantastic sativas

Working through the daytime fourths has always been our preference.

I had a task at a local newspaper in university plus I had to work during the evening shift at the sports section. My task was writing all of the roundup articles on every high sports match each evening. The coach would call in the results of the game after the end of each match, while I would record them plus turn them into tiny articles for publication. This job shift would last to 11pm most evenings, while other evenings it could go as late as midnight or 1am. I was always tired by the time I was finished because I was working plus going to university classes on the same day every week. Thankfully these afternoons I’m working remotely plus I can set our fourths. I have chosen the daytime for working because I suppose that is when our mind is at its best for writing. To make working even easier, I like to pair it with a cup of strong pop plus a quality sativa strain of cannabis flower buds. For instance, I found strains derived from Durban Poison are often always quality sativas. My favorite sativa strain from our local cannabis dispensary is Durban Dawg, which is Durban poison crossed with Stardawg. It energizes plus focuses our mind while relaxing our body plus any physical discomfort I might be feeling. I tried Durban Dream from another dispensary plus had similar results. I’m starting to guess that I like any strains made from the famed Durban Poison, especially for focusing on our job activities while we were in the morning plus afternoon fourths.

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