I was recommended vape products

I’ve actually had a hard time with balance in our life.

This goes all the way back to when I was a kid.

Perhaps it’s just the way I’m wired but, I entirely tend to always be moving and going. The older I got, the more that turned into finally working and trying to achieve what I considered success. Finally, my body said enough and I had to address the situation. Thankfully, I have access to the cannabis dispensary after fulfilling the cannabis regulations here. My nurse and the therapist both agreed that treating with medical marijuana would be a good alternative to traditional meds. I’ve always had some entirely strange reactions to meds so treating with some natural care about medical cannabis is right up our alley. When I first started treating cannabis products, I wasn’t actually good at it. The crew at the legal weed store got me the right cannabis flower products for our situation. It’s just that I wasn’t actually good at smoking cannabis flower products. So they recommended I use the vape products instead. Still getting the same strain of cannabis flower products as before. It’s just that with the vape products, it’s easier for me to use and get more precise dosing. Medical marijuana is changing my life and helping me regain our health again. That’s such a huge thing. I can’t even articulate what a difference medical cannabis has made in my life already. It’s been numerous months and I’m seeing life in a different light. There are no more 80 hour weeks and I’m taking care of me and my health as the main priority in our life. I owe that perspective to medical cannabis.
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