I went to the marijuana store for CBD.

I had read that CBD was better for pain than THC.

Most of the medical websites said that if you were looking for pain relief, full CBD and marijuana products that were mostly CBD were the best.

Since they had legalized recreational marijuana, I was pretty sure I could go to the marijuana dispensary and purchase high quality CBD. I had done a lot of research on the web and I found several types of CBD I would like to try. I jotted down the name and the prices before heading to our local marijuana store. I was surprised to find that not a single CBD product I had found at online stores was available in our local marijuana store. The marijuana store clerk told me they seldom carried the same products as those stores online. According to him, the local stores only carried products that were grown in our state, to keep all the revenue within the state, and to make sure the product was safe. The prices were comparable when he finally showed me items that were like those I had chosen. When I walked out of the local marijuana store, I had several packs of gummies and some CBD cream for my dry cream. Now, I hope that the CBD products I bought can do what I hope they will. I want my dry skin to be soothed and feel more hydrated. My toes have been sore for months, and hopefully the other CBD creams can help them. If CBD doesn’t work, I’ll be happy I paid little money for it.

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