Letting my friends try the marijuana brownies

He held up four fingers and told me he had 2.

I was on the local marijuana dispensary’s website yesterday and I saw they had OG Kush SRO concentrate at half price. I went into the marijuana dispensary and asked if I could use the SRO concentrate to make brownies. The budtender told me that most concentrates could be used for making edibles, and he didn’t see any reason why the OG Kush SRO concentrate would not do the same. I purchased the concentrate plus took it home. I was surprised that the brownies I made didn’t have any marijuana taste to it. The brownies were delicious and before I realized it, I had eaten three of them. By the time my friends got there, I was a little giggly and I couldn’t wait to let them try my marijuana brownies. Two hours later, the entire pan of marijana brownies had been devoured and we were all giggly. When I heard my bestie tell me that he was seeing three of me, I asked him how many of the marijuana brownies he had eaten. He held up four fingers and told me he had 2. I knew he was in trouble when he laid down on the floor so he could watch the room grow. We all ended up spending the night at my house, and sleeping on the floor. The marijuana brownies were actually good, but there was no mistaking they were made with marijuana. The next day, my sibling told me that the next time I made marijuana brownies, I had to save him more than just a couple of crumbs he had scraped off the bottom of the pan.


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