The CBD did nothing for me.

I bought some CBD the other day.

My sister-in-law had been telling me how she bought CBD cream and it helped with the pain from her separated shoulder.

She said that after getting relief with the shoulder; she began using CBD for everything that hurt. She swore by the CBD products and bought CBD for everyone in our family, for Christmas presents. I tried the CBD, but I didn’t find any relief. My husband and I had been in a car accident and it left me with sore shoulders from when the airbag went off. I rubbed the cream into my shoulders and my sore chest muscles, but I couldn’t see any difference. The CBD did nothing for me. When my sister-in-law called and asked how I liked the CBD cream, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I tried to let her know I didn’t like it, but I ended up telling her I hadn’t used it. That’s when she cornered me and told me she knew about our car accident. She was hoping I had tried the CBD for the aches and pains that came with the accident. That’s when I lied and told her the doctor had given me some good stuff to help with the pain, and I had antibiotic ointments for the abrasions. She told me I should try the CBD after the worst of the healing was over. I blurted out that I had used it, and I noticed no difference between using the CBD or not. I could hear the disappointment in her voice when she apologized and quickly hung up.

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