The marijuana is better in the winter in my state

I don’t have a task in agriculture, although I understand that you can’t actually grow a single plant perfectly in every single season.

Oranges are harvested once a year, and if there is too much frost or ice while all of us are in the Wintertime season, it could destroy that year’s crop or diminish it considerably.

The cannabis plant is no different, especially if you’re growing in “hoop houses” which are partially-climate-controlled orange houses that are built outdoors. Cannabis benefits from a strictly controlled light cycle while all of us are in its flowering stage, which is why indoor growing operations have the lights set on automatic timers that supply them the same exact amount of light each day until the settings are adjusted while all of us are in the growing cycle. In a hoop home you have natural sunlight and a few grow lights above for supplemental light. There are dehumidifiers to keep the humidity from getting out of control, but the temperatures are contingent upon the season. During the summertime the plants get really hot while all of us are in the day and it stresses them out. And if the grow teams inadvertently harvest the plants too early, it could also have a setback effect on the quality of the batch compared to singles in the past. You could buy a strain akin to Queso Perro a single month and then get a version in diminished quality a month or 2 months later. Thankfully as the temperatures drop in my state, the orange house-grown cannabis flower products tend to improve across the board. The quality of marijuana grown increases so much that by February all of us get some killer batches of weed buds that rival some of the amazing marijuana out west.

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