Trying out vape cartridges

It’s a healthier alternative to smoking flower

I went to the dispensary looking for traditional flower, expecting to roll some joints or blunts. I was willing to consider some pre-rolls. Then the budtender recommended that I try cannabis cartridges. There is no mess and vapes are easy to take with me on-the-go. They allow full control over dosage. I learned that vape cartridges are pre-loaded with cannabis and can be disposable refillable. All I need to do is press the button and inhale. Disposable vape pens for cartridges are lightweight and can fit easily into my pocket. They are hassle-free and they work until the cartridge runs dry. Then I can simply throw the pen away and buy another one. The cartridge provides an almost instant high but requires no expertise or experience. Reusable panes need to be filled with cannabis oil. It’s quick and easy to do, and let’s me determine THC levels and cater to my personal needs and preferences. The reusable options include a rechargeable battery and features such as LED displays. With both vape pens, there’s no odor. This makes them especially discreet. Once the vape cartridge is connected to the battery and activated, it’s ready to smoke. The dispensary offers a wide selection of vape cartridges. I have my choice of terpenes, CBD and THC levels. I like the fact that there is no combustion process. The oil is only heated to the point of creating vapor, which lessens that chance of inhaling carcinogens. It’s a healthier alternative to smoking flower. I am so thankful that my budtender introduced me to this new opportunity.

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