Trying to find something that would make me relaxed but happy

Last month was my birthday. I wanted to treat myself by going to the recreational marijuana dispensary. I asked the budtender what I could use that would make my friends, and I relaxed but ecstatic. I didn’t want to have a celebration where all the people were falling asleep or becoming depressed. She recommended a sativa blend. I picked out a sativa concentrate I could use to make some edibles and after that I bought a marijuana flower that was a sativa hybrid, that we could smoke. I was enthusiastic to invite my pals over and get the celebration started. I pulled out the marijuana and baked brownies and made a batch of gummies out of the concentrate, after that I rolled numerous joints, so we could get the celebration going. My friends and I were having a nice time eating the brownies and sharing a bowl, but nothing was happening. There wasn’t even the hint of a high and we were all disappointed. My bestie showed up with a stash of his own, which actually got the celebration started. Within 5 minutes of hitting the bong, we were all laughing and having a nice time. I swore that I was going to go to the marijuana dispensary and ask why the sativa blend they had sold me did not provide us with even a mild high. iI was surprised to hear that sativa is for morning time use plus isn’t meant to make you high, but to just provide you a feeling of relaxation and mild euphoria. The blend I bought was 85% CBD, which is why there was no high.

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