The cop tried to give me a ticket for the smell of cannabis

When I am at work, I can’t smoke weed in the steakhouse.

  • I have to go anywhere outside of the building to get high.

Thursday evening was an extraordinarily busy day at the steakhouse as well as I only got a couple of occasions to go outside for a break, then during a single of those opportunities, I decided to smoke a half of a joint that was sitting in the side door of our car. I smoked the entire rest of the joint as well as I felt pretty superb when I went back to work. I have a little bit more energy as well as I was easily feeling less anxious. The two of us still had a whole boredom of orders that needed to be filled, although I did not mind after getting high. I left work about 3 hours later. I was no longer feeling any effect from the marijuana that I smoked earlier. I was driving 50 mph in an area that was only 45 as well as an officer decided to pull me over for speeding. I told the officer that I was on our way home from a late shift at the steakhouse. I even told the woman the name of the stadium. She told me that she could smell weed in our motorcar as well as she tried to give me a ticket for smoking marijuana in our vehicle. I told the officer that I had used marijuana earlier, although I assured him that I was no longer high. The officer still gave me a ticket, however I have been assured that it will not hold up in court, and since she did not see me smoking or find weed in our car, it can’t be proven.

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