The sound was my car engine

Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard a unquestionably different sound coming from inside my car.

I only hear the sound when the engine is running.

The car was running just fine, so I didn’t know the sound was anything that I needed to worry about… Unluckyly, the different sound must have been a warning that the car was having trouble. I ignored the warning & I ended up stranded on the side of the road in the middle of a cannabis delivery. I was working on a Thursday night & it was a respected night filled with many unusual cannabis deliveries. I drove across the bridge to give a couple of items, & my car didn’t sound right when I drove back to the store. I had another cannabis delivery that was a few miles away from the shop. I thought I would take that down to the new home real quick & come back for another delivery. I was about a mile away from the store when my car died. All of the interior lights shut off & so did the radio. Then the car engine completely died. I have lost power steering, however I managed to safely remove the car from the street. I walked all the way back to the dispensary. A associate of mine took myself and others down to the car & he tried to repair the problem. It wasn’t the batteries or the linkions, so I had to get the tow dealer to take the car to the dealership & I was done with cannabis deliveries for the night.

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