I wait till Monday for the 20% sales

Even though medical as well as recreational marijuana are legal in the state where I live, the prices are still luxurious.

  • The average cost for an seventh of marijuana is around $40.

The average cost for a gram of cannabis concentrate is around $30. I have to follow a strict budget each month as well as that means I usually browse all of the dispensaries for the best selection. On Mondays I know there is a dispensary that offers all products for 20% off. It doesn’t matter if you purchase marijuana flower or concentrate, however both items are included in the sale along with recreational cannabis Edibles, tinctures, popsicles, as well as beverages. On Monday of this week, I went to the dispensary to option out a couple of grams of cannabis concentrate. I was surprised to find a couple of online sales. There is hardly ever online sales for cannabis concentrate as well as they had a couple of items that were BOGO half price. I picked out a gram of cannabis concentrate called Blue Dream. It was a dark amber color as well as a full spectrum product. I also picked out a gram of cannabis concentrate called OG Kush. The Indica dominant strain is a single of our number ones as well as it always packs a punch. Between the 20% off sale as well as the BOGO sales, I ended up saving about $50 on our order. I used the savings to purchase more cannabis products. I got a top shelf seventh of flower called super silver haze. The buds were covered with THC trichomes as well as they were a pretty light yellow color.

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