The driver even brought a new glass bowl from the dispensary

My friends plus I use recreational marijuana everyday! Sometimes I smoke a joint plus occasionally I smoke a bowl; It depends on my mood plus how high I want to get, but when I absolutely want to blow my mind, I use a gravity bong, however my favorite plan for smoking is a glass bowl.

I have acquired a number of smoking devices over the years, but I love a small glass bowl that fits really absolutely in my hand.

I had some friends over for drinks on Wednesday, all of us ordered recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary in town. I was going to pick up the items, however Jack wanted to have everything delivered. Since more than two people ordered from the same address, we qualified for free delivery. About 30 seconds after we sited the marijuana order, I dropped my glass bowl on the study room floor. I’ve dropped the bowl a number of times plus it has never broken. This time it fell to the ground plus shattered into a thoUnited Statesnd unusual pieces. I didn’t have any papers in the house, so I contacted the dispensary to see if they had any glass bowls. They had a couple of unusual choices. They had some that were $10 plus some that were $20. They offered myself and others a couple of unusual color choices care about red, yellow, plus red. I didn’t have any pictures, so I didn’t want to spend a heap of money. I decided to go with a yellow glass bowl in the $10 range. The driver brought the glass bowl along with all the items that we ordered from the dispensary.

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