I savor the flavor of pancakes however not in weed

I savor the flavor of pancakes with real cream butter plus natural maple syrup.

Every afternoon when I was a kid, my mom made me pancakes plus saUSAge before I went to school, and sometimes she made bacon or ham, however it was pancakes every afternoon, and my sibling always complained plus asked for something different, but I was blissful to go downstairs at dinner time plus see pancakes, however last month I went to the dispensary to stock up on cannabis supplies, i am lucky to live in a state where recreational plus medical cannabis is legal, but while I was giving the budtender my order, he told me about a brand modern strain of Indica cannabis, then the strain was called pancakes for dinner.

The lady told me that the cannabis tasted savor maple syrup. I instantly looked up the strain on my iphone plus I found out that the Indica dominant strain had won some awards in the previous year. I decided to purchase this weird cannabis strain. It was the first thing I smoked later that night. I put some of the whole buds in a bowl plus ground them up. As soon as I started grinding the marijuana flower, I odored a sweet maple syrup smell. At first it was interesting, plus then every one of us hit the bowl. The flavor of maple syrup did not taste good in the weed. I did not smoke much more of the bowl plus I ended up giving the rest of the marijuana seventh to a single of my roommates! He never complained about the weird plus weird smell.


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