Delivery times were 90 minutes on Friday night

On Friday nights, the cannabis store is always busy with deliveries.

Nobody likes to leave the house, especially if it’s raining or cold.

I’ve been working at the cannabis store for the past six months. Sales have increased every month since I have been an employee. Much of the increase in sales is due to the addition of delivery services. We have only offered delivery services for the past 4 months. Friday nights are the worst. Last Friday night delivery times were almost 90 minutes. A couple of people did not want to wait that long. Many of our dispensary customers complain about the significant wait time. One customer contacted that cannabis store to complain when the driver had not arrived in 75 minutes. I was telling every customer on the phone to expect 90 minutes or more. At 75 minutes, I told her to wait a little while longer. I promised that we were working hard to get every order out of the store. I looked up the information for the sale and the driver had already left the store. About five minutes later, the customer called again. I was as polite as possible, but I was very busy as well. I ask the customer not to call back again unless the driver had not arrived Within 2 hours. The lady mumbled under her breath as she hung up the phone, but she did not call the dispensary again. If she was so worried, she could have come down to the shop and picked up the order in ten minutes.


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