I wait till Tuesday for the 20% sales

Even though medical and recreational marijuana are legal in the state where I live, the prices are still expensive. The average cost for an eighth of marijuana is around $40. The average cost for a gram of cannabis concentrate is around $30. I have to follow a strict budget each month and that means I usually browse all of the dispensaries for the best selection. On Tuesdays I know there is a dispensary that offers all products for 20% off. It doesn’t matter if you purchase marijuana flower or concentrate. Both items are included in the sale along with recreational cannabis Edibles, tinctures, popsicles, and beverages. On Tuesday of this week, I went to the dispensary to pick out a couple of grams of cannabis concentrate. I was surprised to find a couple of online sales. There is hardly ever online sales for cannabis concentrate and they had a couple of items that were BOGO half price. I picked out a gram of cannabis concentrate called Blue Dream. It was a dark amber color and a full spectrum product. I also picked out a gram of cannabis concentrate called OG Kush. The Indica dominant strain is one of my favorites and it always packs a punch. Between the 20% off sale and the BOGO sales, I ended up saving about $50 on my order. I used the savings to purchase more cannabis products. I got a top shelf eighth of flower called super silver haze. The buds were covered with THC trichomes and they were a pretty light green color.



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