I was jealous of my friend for a long time

Growing up, my friend always seemed to have it better.

I couldn’t help but to be envious, because in almost every way they had something better than I did. However, I was raised to be thankful for the things I had, so I tried to not feel too envious. However, when my friend’s parents found out he was using cannabis products, they were fully supportive of his decisions! I was happy for him, but I couldn’t help but to feel envious, as well as sad. Because I knew as a vape products user myself, if my parents found out, I would be toast. To be clear, we are both 20, so it’s not like we are underaged. But my parents made sure to drill in my head at a young age that cannabis gummies, cannabis drinks and anything related to medical marijuana was a strict no no in their household, and they told me even after I was an adult that if they ever found out I was using cannabis candy products, they would disown me. It didn’t matter if I had a medical marijuana card, or if I was using medical cannabis for my health. Nothing mattered except my image and how I presented our supposed perfect family. I look at my friend’s family, and how they support him no matter what path he takes, and I wish my family could be that supportive. But I walk this road alone, with only my friend for some support, but he can’t understand having to hide what you do from your family. I guess not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive family.

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