I was tired of living in my strict state

Cannabis products are the only thing that makes things feel right.

I have lived in the same area for most of my life. I only briefly moved away for college, but as soon as I was done, I immediately came back to the state I called home. However, this place that I once called home is feeling like less of one with each passing day. Why? Because I am tired of many people making me out to be the bad guy. I am tired of people seeing me and trying to hurl insults in my directions, all for my lifestyle. I guess to some degree I should be used to this, as I was always the odd one out, however, in this struggle I am not alone. You see, the truth is that I use medical marijuana, for the continuous migraines that interrupt my life. The only issue is that marijuana is actually illegal in my state. But I have tried medicine after medicine, and they all have something wrong with them. Cannabis products are the only thing that makes things feel right. I am not going to have other people tell me what to do with my life, when they’re not the ones having to deal with the pain. I have decided I am going to move up north, where my grandparents are, since they have medical marijuana dispensaries up there, and using medical cannabis is legal. I just can’t take it anymore, and I am so eager to move to a more welcoming place I can call home. I plan on moving next month when I get my bonus.


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