Christmas came with the perfect temperature control setting

So this Christmas morning was certainly the best Christmas morning that I can readily recall.

Perhaps there were some better holidays when I was a little kid. But as far as our late teens and forward, this last Christmas ranks right up there toward the best. The main reason was that I didn’t need to travel or endure a punishing temperature control setting for a week. This is pretty much what Christmas morning has been like for the last 15 years. My parents died when I was just out of the university so I’ve missed spending the holidays with them for sure. My in-laws & our partner’s family have been the destination since we’ve been married. And that meant leaving the comfy heating & cooling of our house to travel north in order to freeze & sweat all at the same time. My in-laws live where there is plenty of cold Winter weather on hand. Yet, the temperature controls are set in the low 70’s. That gas furnace must be a monster to keep that sort of Heating & A/C heating up all through the winter. However, it’s so incredibly stuffy & hot in that house. This year, the two of us stayed in the house & they came to us. Not only did I get to sleep in our own king sized bed & enjoy our own quality heating & air, the in laws rented a home nearby. That’s right, it’s as if I hit the lottery. The in-laws along with our partner’s sisters all went together to rent this holiday home & didn’t even stay with us. Does it get any better than this?

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