Clean HVAC ducts are just awesome

I love the home I am living in & I do our best to take care of it. However, there is 1 thing that I’ve meant to do since the two of us moved in & I just haven’t done it. When the two of us moved in, Bob and I substituted the central Heating & A/C component for this house. The ancient Heating & A/C was shot & Bob had wanted the seller to substitute it. However, she wasn’t into the hassles of doing a full Heating & A/C substitution while trying to get out of the house. So Bob negotiated the cost of replacing the heating & cooling component into the final price. Bob and I certainly came out on the better end of that negotiation. With the money the two of us saved on the final price of the house, the two of us were able to go with the latest in residential Heating & A/C. Our Heating & A/C contractor diagnosed the ducttoil prior to installing the central Heating & A/C component & it was in enjoyable shape but dirty. This was several years ago & I finally have gotten around to having the Heating & A/C professionals out to do the duct cleaning & duct resealing. I absolutely wanted to get it done when the two of us first moved in. Obviously, that just didn’t happen overnight. But when I got an email from the Heating & A/C supplier offering a discount on duct cleaning & duct resealing, I jumped at it. The Heating & A/C crew came out to do the duct cleaning & the duct resealing in the day & were done not too long after dinner. Bob and I have been stunned by the improvement in our indoor air conditions since the Heating & A/C pros did such an enjoyable job.



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