Getting the sort of HVAC heating savings I’ve wanted all along

It only took me six years to see the HVAC heating savings I have always hoped for.

Of course, I’ve only been in this house for six years so it’s not like I’ve been striving for this HVAC accomplishment.

No, it simply took me those six years to quit whining about the high price of HVAC heating and do something about it already. I think when I started hearing reports that heating costs were going to really spike this winter, it got me off my butt. The gas furnace had been expensive enough to run the previous years. I sure didn’t want to see what would happen with a spike in heating utility costs. So I actually did what I should have done six years earlier. The first thing I did was get after sealing up this house. I replaced a worn out storm door. Then, I replaced all the weather stripping in every entrance of our home. Finding and sealing cracks or gaps in the exterior was next on the schedule. Finally, I bought some additional rolls of insulation and placed them in the attic. All in all, it really wasn’t that much effort. The HVAC heating maintenance was the last part of the plan. This way the gas furnace is operating at peak efficiency. Well, I just got our first bill for a full month of heating this winter. The HVAC heating savings were beyond what I had hoped for and I’m very, very pleased with the results of my efforts. This winter is going to be far less expensive and the gas furnace isn’t going to have to work as hard to keep us all nice and toasty.