Trying to get my HOA to see our side of this Heating & A/C situation

I don’t have a problem with being wrong sometimes.

I don’t even have a problem with being called out on it whenever I’m wrong.

These are two characteristics of humans who have evolved a bit & guess they are never perfect. However, it’s always rough for me to deal with people who just can’t budge on anything because they don’t want to confess they made a mistake. I’m dealing with a Heating & A/C situation in our home that has the HOA all riled up. Yet, I’m doing our certainly best to stay calm & try to represent the facts. There is a stipulation in the HOA agreement that Heating & A/C components have to be in good working order. Presumably, this was put in to keep people from having ugly stuff in their yard that they called Heating & A/C equipment. This I understand. None of us want the property values diminished due to disappointing choices by our neighbors. Again, I totally understand that & can support that rationale. But the HOA is trying to frighten me into replacing the Heating & A/C component over the color of the Heating & A/C lodgeet. Which is of course completely absurd. My Heating & A/C component is not even 8 years ancient & is in perfect working order. It just sits in the hot, souther sunlight all day & the colors have faded. There is no rust or anything. I even gave to have it painted. But the HOA still won’t budge because they aren’t willing to confess just how preposterous this Heating & A/C situation has gotten. It’s absolutely a shame that grown people believe as though they just can’t simply state that they made a mistake & a compromise would work.

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