I found locally-grown hemp products for sale at the neighborhood farmer’s market

I love shopping at farmer’s markets because I can often find some of the best produce available in my area.

The vegetables and fruit at the local groceries stores are often over ripe or are harvested prematurely; in either case, you get a lot of subpar produce that isn’t worth the price it’s being sold at.

When I tried tomatoes from a local farm for the first time, I was blown away by the immense amount of flavor and juiciness they had compared to any tomatoes I was accustomed to eating. There wasn’t anything special about them aside from being grown at a local farm. They’re not award-winning, but they’re so far beyond anything I’m used to in my world. Honestly, my family always felt like fresh tomatoes were essentially flavorless unless they’re cooked down. But I found other amazing products at the farmer’s market. There was fresh artisan honey, locally brewed craft beer, and locally grown hemp products. The hemp products are both whole flower and CBD oils. In the past, I always got my CBD and hemp products on the internet or from grocery stores and pharmacies that import their items from out of state. This local farmer also grew sugarcane and strawberries and I could almost taste a hint of berry in their fresh hemp flower buds. Now that hemp with less than 0.3% of THC is legal nationwide, many people are turning toward the CBD industry to make money. Some of the failed vape shops in my city have converted to CBD and hemp stores. The remaining vape stores have added CBD and hemp products to their shelves.
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