The cleaning company came right before we opened on Monday

The cannabis shop has been extremely busy the last couple of months. The shop is always busier during the holiday season, and we are approaching Christmas and the new year. Most of the time I handle all of the cleaning on my own. As the manager, it is my duty to make sure that the cannabis shop is in Tip-Top shape. Unfortunately, much of the cleaning hasn’t been completed in the last few weeks. We are short-staffed and extremely busy. I haven’t had the time to stay late or come in early in the morning. My boss approved a cleaning company for the cannabis shop. The cleaning company comes every week on Monday, before we open the store. The owner of the cleaning company has keys to the shop as well as the code for the alarm. Last Monday they were not finished before I arrived at 8 am. The lady in charge told me that they were behind schedule. The office building that they cleaned right before our cannabis store was extremely dirty and they had to wait an hour for keys to the building. They promised they would complete all of the cleaning before we opened. I went to the office and started my morning paperwork. About 15 or 20 minutes later, the cleaning lady came into the office to tell me that she was done. Her crew was packing up all of their supplies and they were getting ready to head out. She apologized for the delay and promised they would be done earlier the next week.


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