The sales and specials were better in the store

My wife and I visited a state with recreational cannabis laws.

  • Since we were visiting for a week, we decided to pick up some recreational cannabis.

We looked online for the best sales and specials. We didn’t plan to purchase a lot of recreational Cannabis, like we wanted to find the best deal possible. We found one particular cannabis shop online and it was only a couple of miles from our hotel. My wife and I were going to order from the shop and have the items delivered, but we wanted to check out the store and see the entire selection. My wife and I drove to the shop. We gave the guard our ID and then we were allowed to go into the dispensary. The sales and specials were much better in the store than they were online. The cannabis shop had a couple of buy one and get one for a dollar sales. Most of the sales were for cannabis concentrate items, but they had a few cannabis Edibles that were on sale as well. My wife and I picked out a chocolate bar with 100 milligrams of THC. We also purchased a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Each cookie had 10 mg of THC. We purchased a couple of pre-rolled cannabis joints as well. One of the joints was infused with distillate, bubble hash, and kief. We smoked that joint the day that we went hiking in the National Park. Our vacation and visit out west was an amazing adventure filled with lots of fun thanks to recreational cannabis.


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