Wife enjoys designing cannabis sites

My wife, Amy, works for an SEO corporation.

Amy is employed in the web design department.

My wife designs unique websites for a variety of companies. When she’s especially happy with the outcome, she shows the finished product to me. Typically, the digital advertising company works with HVAC and plumbing companies. They are just now expanding into cannabis SEO. I know very little about cannabis dispensaries, products or SEO for the industry, but it seems more glamorous. Amy is way more excited about working on the web build for a cannabis dispensary than a plumbing or HVAC contracting business. The images he has access to for marijuana sites offer better resolution, more interesting images and more flexibility for content. Amy was very limited in how fancy she could make an HVAC or plumbing website. The cannabis design allows for more creativity. She can expand into more vibrant colors. Amy showed me her most recent web design for a cannabis client and it was really inviting and professional looking. The pictures of the dispensary were just gorgeous. The venue appears sizable and offers a wide range of products. The layout of the website is clean and inviting. I don’t consume cannabis products but I was tempted. Amy is hoping that the SEO company will continue working with marijuana dispensaries. The clients are younger and more aware of how to use web design to their advantage. They understand social media and are receptive to new ways to boost their sales and be an active media presence. The cannabis dispensary clients are less likely to call my wife after hours, so I am happy about that. Cannabis SEO has turned out to be a growing business and great opportunity.

Search engine optimization for cannabis dispensaries