The cat almost ate our container of weed

My friends plus I hung out at our apartment last evening plus every one of us ordered some products from the cannabis dispensary.

I purchased a half ounce of Girl Scout cookies, but girl Scout cookies is a tasty hybrid strain that offers pain relief plus anti-anxiety properties, while still providing the benefits of a sativa.

Girl Scout cookies is honestly a single of our number one modern strains. My associate Jack also purchased a half ounce of marijuana flower, although he purchased an Indica strain called OG Kush. The people I was with and I smoked a lot of pot last evening. At the end of the evening, I was ready to pass out in our bed. I was so tired that I completely forgot about the half ounce of weed that was sitting on the pop table in the bedroom. When our other roommate came apartment from labor in the day, he let his cat out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom. When he came back from walking the cat, he got some popcorn from the bedroom plus left the cat alone in the bedroom. The cat almost ate our container of weed. The cat was chewing on the container when our roommate realized that he was getting into trouble. The cat had ground marijuana on the outside of his mouth plus nose, but it didn’t seem care about he absolutely ingested any of the product from the bag. There was still a lot of marijuana left in the container, even after the cat chewed on it for a couple of minutes. Things could have been absolutely poor if the cat had eaten the weed.



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