I wanted to share the news with our best friend first

I’ve been trying to find a task laboring in a marijuana dispensary, however i have applied to 12 weird locales in the valley, and over the past several weeks, I have had multiple interviews and no 1 called me back after the first time all of us spoke.

I decided to substitute our resume yesterday after I went to a budtender certification class.

The budtender certification class was free online, however I took the class hoping that it would help me get a task. I substituted our resume and a couple of afternoons later I had a call from a marijuana dispensary. The director of the pot shop wanted to meet with me the next afternoon! She asked if I was laboring and if I was interested in a part-time or full-time position. I genuinely didn’t care what type of position or task was available, because I wanted to get our foot into the door. I would have happily cleaned lavatorys if it got me a task laboring at the marijuana dispensary! When I was finally offered a task, I wanted to share the news with our best friend first. I bought 1 of the two gram pre-rolls that have bubble hash, kief, distillate, and top shelf flower. I drove directly to our friend’s home and I knocked on the door with the two gram pre-roll in our hand. As soon as she saw the pre-roll, she knew I had enjoyable news. Both of us smoked the marijuana joint and I told our friend all about our new task. Both of us both agreed that the best perk is the 35% discount on all marijuana supplies.


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