Medical marijuna has practically cured my chronic nausea

I occasionally wonder if dealing with chronic nausea was some sort of karma for all those times I told my mom my stomach hurt trying to get out of school.

Probably not but it was sort of on my mind as I tried to figure out just what was happening with my body.

Thankfully, I’m nearly cured of the concern with the help of medical marijuana. But I sure went about getting to medical marijuana the long route. First, I went to so several doctors who prescribed so several different meds. But it was sort of a merry go round as I just never was able to find a treatment that worked well. Either the meds helped with the chronic nausea plus had horrible side effects or they did nothing. That’s not exactly ideal from any perspective. That all changed though when I was introduced to some medical marijuana facts. This came via a friend who had heard that I was suffering. She had used medical marijuana when she was dealing with cancer. The cannabis gummies she took very helped her get through the chemo treatments. The cannabis gummies kept the nausea at bay enough for her to eat healthy food to help her heal. That was enough for myself and others as I was sort of desperate to find a course of action that would very work. Once I got through the cannabis rules plus got to the cannabis dispensary, I was on my way back to health. It took less than many weeks for myself and others to improve dramatically. I’ve stuck with the cannabis gummies for a year now plus I’m almost completely back to normal.



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