After kayaking for an hour, I was ready to take a break

My friends and I plan to go kayaking down the river on Sunday.

The weather was supposed to be clear and sunny all weekend.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful. The weather was warm and there was hardly any humidity in the air. Unfortunately, it rained all day Saturday. My friends and I were worried that we might have to cancel our kayaking trip, but it was bright and sunny on Sunday morning. All of the rain affected the river tremendously. Instead of a Lazy River requiring very little paddling, my friends and I saw a raging river that required precise movements and aggressive cuddling. When I saw the river, I told my friends that I was going to smoke a joint before we got started. I was really intimidated by the river. I’ve only been kayaking for a year. I still get nervous when I see rapids and I knew we were going to encounter a lot of them with the river so high. My friends and I smoke a pre-rolled marijuana joint. The pre-rolled marijuana joint was infused with bubble hash and liquid diamonds. I smoked a lot of the joint, because I was hoping it would calm my nerves. I absolutely felt better after smoking a pre-rolled marijuana joint. My friends and I headed out on the river. We packed up our kayaks with all of our supplies. The rapids were strong and so was the current. My arms were getting tired. After kayaking for an hour, I was ready to get off the river and take a break.

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