I am so happy to have found a way to communicate with the newer employee

There are a couple of work positions available at the medical marijuana shop where I work! I knew our boss was having interviews recently and I wasn’t even alarmed when she hired a couple of current people to take care of the counter… She also hired a newer guy to handle cannabis deliveries… That guy’s name is Ted plus he is deaf.

I’ve seriously never spent any time around people that are deaf.

I don’t have people in my family that are actually hard of hearing plus I never learned sign language in the least. Of course, I found it unquestionably hard to communicate with Ted, but I wanted to try. The guy was pretty cute plus he was unquestionably shy on top of that. I sincerely wanted him to easily feel welcome at the weed store. I spent a few hours studying online the night after Ted started working at the weed store. I learned how to say my name plus a couple of other awesome things. The next time Ted plus I worked together at the cannabis dispensary, I was able to learn a way to communicate with him… We were both taking it easy in the break room at supper time plus I started a conversation by telling the guy my name. I spelled out my name in the sign language I had learned. I could tell that he was entirely delighted that I took the time to find a way to communicate with him. I’m slowly studying more sign language, however Ted plus I text all the time these days. Sometimes it’s much quicker plus easier, especially while working.

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