I saw the evidence right there

One of the first crimes that I ever checked into was a theft at a local recreational cannabis dispensary.

The theft occurred on a Sunday night after the cannabis dispensary was already closed for the night.

The cannabis dispensary had several video cameras on the property. I carefully viewed all of the surveillance images and I recognized a car in the parking lot that was there all day. There was no reason for the automobile to rest in the parking lot all day. It did not belong to 1 of the employees in addition to I did not see anyone get in or out of the automobile all day. The automobile was still parked in the lot at the end of the day. The manager of the cannabis dispensary did not call the tow dealership to have the automobile recovered. Later that night, someone jumped out of the trunk of the automobile in addition to breaking into the recreational cannabis dispensary. The automobile was already on the lot in addition to behind the locked gate. That made it much simpler for the person to burglarize the store. I had a couple of suspects and I talked to each 1 of them. One of the suspects was a short man named Otis. I talked to Otis at his apartment. He did not want to allow me inside of the apartment, so every one of us talked at the door for 10 or 15 minutes. While I was sitting there talking to the guy, I happened to see a bag right on his table. The bag was from the same cannabis dispensary. The proof was kneeling on the table right in front of me.



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