Only a single box was left in the storage room

Every other Thursday, the bunch of us receive a shipment from the marijuana warehouse plus distribution center.

The people I was with and I never know what items they’re going to send to us from week to week, and at times the bunch of us get the same stuff 3 or 4 weeks in a row plus then other times the bunch of us get new products 3 or 4 weeks in a row.

On Thursday of last week, the bunch of us gained a shipment with multiple boxes of infused pre-rolls. The infused pre-rolls were a brand new product offered by a manufacturing company that commonly makes concentrates. The pre-rolls were infused with their distillate products… I decided to bring a single of the boxes out to the floor plus I had a single of my employees set up a special display. The products went quickly. The people I was with and I sold the whole box in the first 15 minutes. Every single one of our clients were looking to try the new product. I had to get another box of the infused pre-rolls from the storage room, but at the end of the day, there was only a single box left in the storage room. I contacted the distribution warehouse plus let them know that the infused pre-rolls were a serious hit. I wondered if that was going to be a shipment the bunch of us were going to receive more often , however the distribution warehouse did not have any additional information to supply me. I have to be entirely honest. I bought a single of the pre rolls plus it was fantastic. If they send another shipment, I’m going to buy a single of each before they even get on the floor. I should have done that the first time to be honest.

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