The dispensary now includes delivery in my area

COVID has made some things more difficult and made others easier.

I used to look forward to buying tickets to musicals, concerts, stand up comedians and movies.

Due to COVID, I can’t enjoy those activities anymore. The restrictions are so brutal that most performances have been canceled. How disappointing is that? What is helpful is that the delivery services have expanded considerably. I am able to order all types of products online and have them arrive at my door quite quickly. I used to grocery shop every Saturday. Now I have set up a weekly grocery delivery. Placing an order at the deli was always excruciating. It seemed to take forever to get some meat and cheese sliced. Now I add deli meats and cheeses into my grocery order. I pay a fee for the convenience of having the items brought to me. I just need to sit down at the computer and place the order. I take advantage of delivery of my birth control, toiletries, bottled water and pet supplies. It is a relief to avoid getting in the car, dealing with traffic and fighting for a parking spot. I don’t need to haul heavy bags. My cannabis dispensary was the last hold out for delivery until just recently. They needed to comply with all of the state rules and regulations pertaining to a Covid operation. A few times, I stood in line outside while the dispensary allowed a couple of people inside at a time. Waiting and being exposed to the weather, not knowing how long the process would take was horrible. I was unwilling to do that more than twice. Now, the dispensary offers cannabis delivery in my local area, and it is so easy and helpful. I just choose items from the online menu, place them in my cart and opt for delivery service. They typically show up that same day. I am able to track the driver through an app on my phone. I pay a delivery fee, but feel it is worth it.

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