The hills were completely alive with flowers

During the Spring months, the scenery is honestly lovely around here.

There are flowers blooming all around the countryside and the hills are basically filled with the most lovely colors that likely cannot be created on a pallet.

I really care about being outdoors, especially in the Spring when the weather is just right. I like hiking, however it’s not a great deal of fun on a hot and humid summertime afternoon. I will easily hike a couple of straightforward trails in those afternoons, however I only attempt strenuous and aggressive hikes when the weather is right. This Spring I chose to go to the National Park to hike the 13 mile trail all the way to the top of the ravine. The trail has been attempted by numerous friends of mine. They spent all afternoon on the mountain and most of the time was climbing. I knew it was going to be a crazy difficult task to get up the hill, so I got high before I started out on my journey. I smoked a joint of Blue Dream cannabis. Blue Dream is a pretty nice strain for an afternoon of hiking. It makes me feel mighty energetic and glad. I had a blue dream infused joint with bubble hash. The joint gave me a fairly good amount of energy and made me feel like I was invincible. The hike was a lot more taxing than I anticipated though. I had to stop halfway up to rest and relax. I decided not to smoke another joint after feeling so tired. I was already fatigued and I only had a hybrid in my bag. I did not want to get bogged down by a hybrid strain and not finish the hike.


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