Time to get delivery

The outdoor weather has been seriously awful.

It was cold and rainy for a week.

I went to the post office on Tuesday and had car trouble. I had to change the tire in the rain. By the time I was finished, I was soaking wet. On Sunday, I noticed that I was almost out of dried marijuana flower. I didn’t want to go back out in the rain, especially after having a flat tire a few days previously. I called the marijuana dispensary and placed an order for delivery. Delivery times were about an hour, because of the rain. I didn’t mind a bit, especially since I didn’t have to go outside and get in the car. I ordered a couple of different items from the marijuana dispensary including some sativa flower, dried Indica flower, in addition to 2 grams of live rosin concentrate. The live rosin concentrate was on sale. The single grams are only $68 each, although I saved 20% and picked them up for $50 each. When the store budtender called to confirm our order, she told me that the driver was leaving in a few hours. After an hour of waiting, I decided to contact the marijuana dispensary again. The driver had already left the store, although he was running late because of the rain. The budtender told me not to worry, because the driver was already on the way to our apartment. The guy showed up about twenty minutes later. He was soaked with water from head to toe!

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