Weed delivery makes our honeymoon that much better

While on our honeymoon, my new husband and I decided to try legal cannabis for the first time.

We made big plans to visit a dispensary, check out the products and then get high in our hotel room.

The closest cannabis dispensary was quite a distance away. We realized it would take us at least half an hour just to get to the legal weed shop. We had decided against renting a vehicle and were reluctant to pay for an uber for the trip to and from the dispensary. I was super disappointed. I had been looking forward to finally sampling legal cannabis. My husband then discovered that the nearby dispensary included delivery services. He needed to provide a photo of his ID, ATM card information and then we were able to pick out products we wanted online. It was so easy to add products to our cart. Rather than getting dressed and making the trip to the dispensary, we completed the whole process from our hotel room. We were able to read product information, customer reviews and look at photos of each item. It was a really rewarding experience. The cannabis dispensary even offered a chat feature where we could ask questions and get answers from a budtender online. We were able to access some assistance and recommendations for which products would be best for us. We then placed our order and my husband stood at the hotel entrance to meet the driver. It took less than an hour for our order to show up at our location. The delivery fee wasn’t all that expensive either. It was worth not having to walk in the heat and through an unfamiliar city. We enjoyed trying out cannabis edibles. We also bought a bath bomb which was great for soaking and soothing tired muscles. The dispensary was a highlight of our honeymoon trip.



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