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How medical weed came about

To think that just around 8 years ago I would have been denied access to the one treatment that has made the most difference in battling my day to day pain. Where I live, there was no such thing as a cannabis store until just 8 years ago. This was due to the fact that […]

Migraine relief with weed

Anyone who has experienced a severe headache knows just how completely debilitating that can be. It absolutely has been the situation for me. Although, I have only really been dealing with them for around 4 years now. Prior to that, I would hear colleagues and think they were overreacting by staying home with a headache. […]

The help I needed

I’m really not sure if arthritis is passed down from father to son. There are different arguments regarding that. I tend to feel that it really just doesn’t matter. All I know is that I have it. And it’s a hard thing to live with. But, I am finding a lot of relief by using […]

Able to relax my muscles now

For some reason, my body went through such a different transformation. But thanks to medical cannabis, I am able to cope with it. Initially, I thought it was just a part of getting older. I would go for a walk or play a little golf and would experience muscle pain. This was concerning although I […]

Getting relief with medical weed

Who knew that such a tiny little thing could cause such trouble for a healthy man like myself. And yet, it really did. I went for a lunch that changed my life and not in a great way. There were all kinds of health concerns that seemed to be coming at me all at once. […]

Managing my MS

There are times in life that you simply have to accept things. That’s not something I have ever been absolutely great at. Having MS changed that thought process entirely. The use of medical marijuana allows me to keep up with that perspective. Until I was in my 40s, I was out to fix those concerns. […]

Trying to be natural in helping my back

The term bad back never really meant anything to me. It sounded like the complaint of an aged man who let his body get grossly out of shape. It was like some sort of quick complaint to validate bad judgement. Well I am now familiar with what everyone means when they say they have a […]

Reducing stress and flare ups

With Crohn’s disease or getting a flare up as it is called, can be just the worst. I experience all sorts of harsh cramping and belly pain. And then there are other symptoms that are just the worst. There is diarrhea and nausea. I have been dealing with this harsh situation for a few years […]

What you can do with anxiety

I’m here to tell you that medical marijuana benefits my life in a large way. Anxiety had been a portion of my everyday life since at least middle school. And it may have gone back even longer though I am sort of hazy on that. Regardless, anxiety has been something I have had to deal […]

Glaucoma relief

It allows me to simply go to a cannabis store to pick up the cannabis products that work with me I think every person has various health troubles that they deal with for no other reason than who their parents are and the genes they passed onto you. There are a lot of things I […]