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Changing what my favorite is

When I was growing up, my number one food was always the same. It didn’t matter when you asked me, or what kind of mood I was in at the time, I’d always say chicken wings. I could have just finished eating an entire box of wings by myself and I would have still said […]

My tea and cannabis

I was so excited that the grocery store finally restocked our number one tea. I’m an avid tea drinker because of what I do for work. Some of my bi-weekly pills make me tired as a typical side effect, so retaining my energy from start to finish is harder than it might be for someone […]

You have to be big to make it

The legal marijuana industry has changed so much over the past 15 years. When the first was approved for a legal medical marijuana market, people from all kinds of life became supplier owners in the flowering industry. You didn’t necessarily need lots of cash just to get started in the medical marijuana field. Dispensaries could […]

Getting burned when you don’t go legit

I hate getting burned by horrible sellers when making online purchases of any sort. For many of us, our experiences with sketchy online sellers started with the creation of online sales. Although they’ve made drastic changes in recent years to protect people buying, things weren’t always like this. I had many separate bad experiences online […]

Need to be prepared for natural disasters

I moved to a southern state after many years of constant tornados and windstorms in the late Spring as well as early Summer months. It’s terrifying thinking that one of those monsters is going to unexpectedly drop down from the sky as well as destroy everything in its wake. One day around the time when […]

It was a great experience

I’m surprised that I ended up working as a news journalist now as a career. I never went to journalism school as well as instead did a short apprenticeship with a builder who did work with the local newspaper. When I attended school, I had a loose major in business as well as history! Although […]

My love of gardening

My friend Amy and I are big time gardeners. I was her assistant in her orchid garden as well as exotic plant garden. She taught me how important it is to water, feed, dig a proper hole and care for each of her plants. Once I was prepared enough to do much of the work […]

Building my growing facility

I am easily enjoying my new activity growing marijuana plants in a small little growing facility I built in my backyard. Assembling the parts from scratch was one of the last things that I did with my father before he passed away from a heart condition earlier this year. It was exciting getting to build […]

You need to have some temperature control

I lost my radishes this year from germs. When I purchased them from the grocery store, I had no clue that germs were a risk. I figured that with the official sun as well as enough water they’d thrive without any hitch. Since my only experience in gardening was with annual flowers, I didn’t assume […]

Not as simple as I thought it would be

Gardening differs in hardness depending on what you’re trying to grow. You can purchase a pallet full of flower plantlets at the hardware store landscaping aisle that will entirely take root. Yeah, you’ll still need to water them properly! But, as long as you planted the plants deep enough as well as threw a little […]