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My periods are better regulated now

I can’t understand any woman that I know who looks forward to her period. While we accept that as a part of being female & a part of being able to produce life, it’s still no fun and games. But for me, I just wish I could have a stage like my peers. And until […]

Helping my knee and hands

Who knew that something like medical cannabis would be such a big thing? Back in the afternoon, I was easily a fan of cannabis items. That was something I honestly enjoyed partaking in. However, once I started a job, I had to give it up. There were drug tests for cannabis products & it was […]

Using for back pain

It’s so different how a person can be healthy & happy 1 afternoon & flat on their back the next. This is exactly what happened to me. Out of nowhere, our back began to seize up. And the seizing pains were so bad that I could hardly function. At first, I thought I had just […]

Using it for migraines

Those who often deal with migraine headaches belknowknieve exactly how life altering these episodes can be. I have dealt with this kind of headache for over a year now. And they came just out of nowhere. Up until I started using cannabis products, I had limited help. The medications prescribed to me were, at best, […]

Fighting MS with help of medical cannabis

For months, I just didn’t feel like myself. It was like I had worked out way too much, not gotten much sleep and just was completely out of sorts. So I went to the doctor to see what was happening. I described my symptoms and the doctor did some test. Not too much later, I […]

Medical cannabis helps me deal with IBS

There isn’t much worse than to be forever dealing with my stomach and the other symptoms of IBS. It’s just such a limiting condition. And the pain is terrible at times. I have done all the diet changes and have taken the meds for years now. While there are some good days mixed in there, […]