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My dad smokes after the war now

You don’t know my dad, although he is the true definition of a dad. Before I was born he served with the Marines for several years, plus he still cuts his own hair in a buzz chop every Monday morning, my dad has truly little hair left at this point, plus he still does that […]

The cannabis cafe has everything

I have a new place to eat, and I have to tell you about it. As soon as the neighborhood started to open up again, I went to eat at as many different sites as I could. This was partially for our own appetite, but also to help support the local economy. So many sites […]

They know the science of bongs

I used to be roommates with a couple of pothead building students. They were named Ian plus Lanny, plus they were both honestly extreme about making and understanding how bongs work. They wanted to know how it could be applied to improve the lives of potheads everywhere. They liked to build bongs and pipes. They […]

I will work in a dispensary one day

You can judge me all you want for getting up and smoking at age 50, because I don’t care. I worked hard for a lot of years, raised my kids, held a steady job, paid my bills, and any habits I have are ones that I picked myself. I know the concern is that people […]

Competition on smoking

I have three roommates, plus one of them has a live-in woman. Well, she wasn’t initially a live-in woman, however then the virus quarantine hit and she just ended up staying here with us. The first few weeks were kind of neat, and then the itch set in. Watching entire runs of cable series plus […]

We have a dispensary now

Have you ever visited the place you grew up, plus found it to be so different from what you remember? This has been happening to me a lot as of late, because I have had a lot of time off from work plus decided to do some traveling. The coronavirus quarantine made me miss traveling, […]

Our concert weed smoking spot

The program was so easy, but wonderful. The music festival was for many afternoons worth of live performances, and it was being held at a place that had a local campground. Every one of us decided to take a huge van, have a party on the road trip there, plus then sleep in the van […]

Needs cannabis to be creative

I can’t tell you my name, or where my rental location is, because that would be an ethical violation of my tenant, but I have to tell someone about this renter! She is an older woman, plus has some amount of money. She laid out such a nice cash deposit for the rental, a few […]