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The sound was my car engine

Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard a very strange sound coming from inside my car. I only hear the sound when the engine is running. The car was running just fine, so I didn’t think the sound was anything that I needed to worry about. Unfortunately, the strange sound must have been […]

I wait till Tuesday for the 20% sales

Even though medical and recreational marijuana are legal in the state where I live, the prices are still expensive. The average cost for an eighth of marijuana is around $40. The average cost for a gram of cannabis concentrate is around $30. I have to follow a strict budget each month and that means I […]

Delivery times were 90 minutes on Friday night

On Friday nights, the cannabis store is always busy with deliveries. Nobody likes to leave the house, especially if it’s raining or cold. I’ve been working at the cannabis store for the past six months. Sales have increased every month since I have been an employee. Much of the increase in sales is due to […]

I like the flavor of pancakes but not in weed

I love the flavor of pancakes with real cream butter and natural maple syrup. Every morning when I was a kid, my mom made me pancakes and sausage before I went to school. Sometimes she made bacon or ham, but it was pancakes every morning. My sister always complained and asked for something different, but […]

I learned about cannabis through cannabis events

That’s all? With the way she was acting I thought she had done something truly awful! But my sister seemed to think that I would suddenly hate her for using cannabis cartridge products, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! It didn’t change my opinion of her at all, which seemed to […]

I was jealous of my friend for a long time

Growing up, my friend always seemed to have it better. I couldn’t help but to be envious, because in almost every way they had something better than I did. However, I was raised to be thankful for the things I had, so I tried to not feel too envious. However, when my friend’s parents found […]