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A way to get cannabis

I took a trip, plus my pal Sam was so far away that I had to get on a plane. I really dislike planes, but in this case there was no other way to travel. There are a great many valid reasons to dislike airports, from the long ticket lines, hardcore searches, plus high prices […]

A game of smoking weed

I guess it sounds stupid, but give me a break, the cannabis dispensary gave us the products, and all of us literally had nothing else to do however smoke. How did you pass the time when you social distance? Of course you smoked a ton, all of us did, however what else did you do? […]

Had to smoke a bunch in a hurry

I took my first boating tour last week! It wasn’t anything huge, just a few day back-and-forth trip to one of the islands. I had a total blast, plus was partying pretty hard even before all of us left port. My friends plus I weren’t holding weed at the start, so all of us were […]

I have some competition

Small town life is pretty slow, and a lot of folks have a desire to make things the old way of doing things. People use this as an excuse to stop change, or even worse get upset about change, when pot legalization came up while I was in the last state polls, this whole town […]

I prefer the old way of buying weed

Why does there always have to be taxes involved? Back in the day, before legalization changed the way things were done, paying “tax” on your weed ment pinching off a fat bud for a guy who set it up. A cool dealer would never charge this kind of tax ,but it was still good manners […]