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So happy the dispensary includes delivery now

I am so delighted that my cannabis dispensary now includes delivery services; There are a selection of legal weed shops near me. The drawback is that most places don’t offer the products I prefer. There are an abundance of rules when it comes to offering edibles in a cannabis shop. Especially if the edible includes […]

Got a discount because I knew the guy

On Friday I went to my local cannabis shop. The dispensary opened a couple of weeks back, but I usually go to the place close to our apartment. That dispensary has good prices and a good selection of items. The new cannabis dispensary was on my way to the lake. So I decided to stop […]

What strain to use

There are several different types of cannabis strains. Sativa strains are uplifting and motivating. Hybrid strains are a mix of sativa and indicas. Indica strains are wonderful when you want to relax and kick back. Sativa strains are morning kinds of strains. I usually have a couple of different sativa strains at all times. I […]

I saw the evidence right there

One of the first crimes that I ever checked into was a theft at a local recreational cannabis dispensary. The theft occurred on a Sunday night after the cannabis dispensary was already closed for the night. The cannabis dispensary had several video cameras on the property. I carefully viewed all of the surveillance images and […]

Glad I got some of the deals

I took our mom to the city for an appointment with a doctor. Around the corner from the hospital was a large billboard from a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. I saw the advertisement as every one of us were driving to the hospital. While our mom was visiting with the specialist, I decided to […]

Time to get delivery

The outdoor weather has been seriously awful. It was cold and rainy for a week. I went to the post office on Tuesday and had car trouble. I had to change the tire in the rain. By the time I was finished, I was soaking wet. On Sunday, I noticed that I was almost out […]

The storage space had only one more box left

Every other Friday, we regularly acquire a shipment from the marijuana warehouse and distribution center. We never truly know for certain what items they’re going to send to us from week to week. Sometimes we get the same stuff 3 or 4 weeks in a row and then other times we get modern products 3 […]