Being a cannabis delivery driver

I’ve been finally working a delivery job for the past six months.

  • When the virus hit, many jobs disappeared while others opened up overnight.

The call for new delivery drivers was far and vast. My job finally working for a travel supplier disappeared completely, and I thankfully had years of delivery experience under my hat when I delivered prescriptions for a large pharmacy in my university years. It was a good gig at the time because most of my clients were wealthy elderly people who left large tips. So when I saw so many delivery jobs open after the start of the pandemic, I made a choice right then and there to apply for one of these positions. Within a week I had managed to schedule a few sit downs with many of them being bustling cannabis shops that were forced to close their main rooms because of statewide lockdowns. To survive, they desperately had to transition their business model of walking around shopping to delivery and pickup orders. Now I’m all over the neighborhood every single day, and that’s why I’ve switched to buying mostly vaporizer pens with THC oil whenever I got to the local weed store. Although I get cannabis flower products for at-condo marijuana consumption, I need something little and camouflaged that I can use in the car in between delivery stops. I constantly get oil pens with CBD added so the intoxicating effects are minimal. It’s so I can relieve the back pain from sitting for a long time, not to get “high” in the traditional sense of the term.


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I like reading up on it

Whenever I’m at a new doctor’s office, I try to study the medical sheets provided in each respective lobby.

Even though I consistently have my phone with me and could just as legitimately browse the internet, I still like to read medical journals, especially if I’m seeing a specialist who I’ve never met before.

For example, I had to see a sports physician once after I ruined the muscles in my back. In the waiting room there were journals discussing all unusual kinds of muscle injuries from head to toe. There was one unique journal discussing all sorts of arm and back injuries. Before I even went back to see the nurse, I had a good idea of what could have happened and what I would need to do with physical therapy to get the muscles to be back in business. When the physician ran a few tests, including an x-ray and CAT scan, he said that I had torn a major muscle. This was one of the injuries I had read about in the journal in the nurse’s waiting room. When I was waiting in the lobby at the medical marijuana dispensary, I noticed that they had a number of journals to study themselves. There was abundant literature to study detailing all sorts of info regarding medical cannabis and it’s common uses. For someone who is new to cannabis and is trying the plant for the first time, these journals are seriously great. Even the best marijuana physicians can’t remember every fact or piece of info when they’re helping new customers see their way through the process. With all of the money spent on becoming a medical cannabis customer, there doesn’t seem to be enough info from the state regarding what a new patient should do.

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I need something more potent

It’s frustrating when things lose their effects as time goes on.

Whether it’s the love you get from a particular activity or the high from a joint, your perception of that stimulus is going to change as you get older.

Sometimes the effects simply decrease. You could fall madly in love however end up drifting apart from that guy with the passage of time. Or you reach for some cough medicine for the 4th time in one week and discover that you’re quickly getting less relief from the same amount. I have gone through this process with many unusual things in my life, however there is one instance that stands out above the rest. I’ll never forget how wonderful it felt trying cannabis for the first time roughly ten years ago. I remember the rush going to my head and taking me away from my monthly world of anxiety and grief. Cannabis was beyond anything my mind could believe at that age, and it suddenly became a constant feature in my life. But as time went on, the effects of cannabis—regardless of the kind or THC potency—have diminished whenever I smoke marijuana flower. When I visited the cannabis dispensary last week, I mentioned my issues to the budtender. He commanded me to try a cannabis concentrate product for something new. I had to admit that I had been using flower products forever and haven’t had a concentrate in awhile. I remember the intensity of the experience, and these new concentrates brought me back to that place. In a matter of hours, my tolerance for cannabis was shattered.


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What I do online beforehand

I have started making orders for shops on the internet before I get in the car and head over in-person. It’s good because not only do you have to avoid getting exposed to the virus walking through the store for an hour, you also get to find out what products are in stock the moment you go to place the order. I don’t like wasting my time in the store only to find out that they don’t have most of the products that I want. If I go the extra haul of making these purchases on the internet ahead of time, I never have to deal with the crushing letdown of the store not having what I need the most. It’s also seriously great to have all of the items sitting together in a locker at the front of the store. They’re already paid for and all you have to do is scan the receipt off your cell and the locker pops up for you. Once you have loaded the items into a cart, you’re ready to put the groceries in the car and go home. I’m happy that the cannabis dispensaries are now offering these services. It’s so much nicer to check the menu on their websites and make orders there before I get in the car to go anywhere. Even though they offer delivery, the fees are usually too much for me to afford. Rather, I make my order on the cannabis dispensary’s website, confirm the products are in stock, and then the people I was with and I head to the dispensary. The cannabis dispensaries have a fast line for any clients who made online orders before coming to the store. Sometimes there are long lines at the cannabis dispensary and this is the nicest way I’ve found thus far to get my cannabis products.


What I do online beforehand

The deals when ordering weed

I consistently shop the sales at the markets and department stores.

When rewards points cards 1st began showing up at stores in my city, I was quick and early to grab onto it.

I loved watching as my typical grocery items would generate daily savings by tens of dollars each trip. Sometimes you’d get a voucher to have twenty taken off a future purchase, or access to special coupons not available to correct clients. The one common factor among them all were rewards points. You’d keep gathering new points with every purchase, while each store had its own system in place in which you could apply those points to get large money off when meeting certain criteria. I love how the local cannabis dispensaries have mostly all adopted similar rewards programs of their own. You make so many purchases before you get almost fifty dollar off coupons on future cannabis purchases. They also have sales programs each week where something unusual is on sale each day of the week. They might have half-off tincture day, or free-joint day. It makes affording marijuana products much easier than it ever was in the past. I won’t go every day of the week, but I’ll wait for sales of my preferred cannabis products before returning to make new buys. I like getting lots of money off cannabis delivery orders in particular, because there’s usually a hefty delivery fee on top of the costs of your cannabis products. Since I like utilizing the cannabis delivery now, I make sure that I order enough products to get a deal.

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How high of content do you want?

I recently learned about unusual alcohol contents in different drinks and hard liquors.

I thought that booze and wine were essentially the same with alcohol percentage from one variety to the next.

This assumption was wrecked when I unknowingly ordered a stronger than average drink at the bar last week. After a single drink, I felt as blitzed as I would with many drinks. I was shocked and wondered if there was something wrong with my head. My bartender was kind enough to inform me that the vodka tonic I ordered had an alcohol content that is many times stronger than traditional booze I usually get. This is why it felt like many different drinks all in one. The next time I purchased my tonic water I decided to find a brand with a higher than average alcohol content. Just like I had assumed, the drink lasted a lot longer and I drank less than the normal drink I buy. I’m reading that marijuana and cannabis products are just as susceptible to this principle as booze and other forms of alcohol. The THC content can range widely from one batch of cannabis to the next. I purchased many jars of cannabis oils from the cannabis dispensary a week ago and they left a lot to be desired. THC content is not the only factor you want to consider when you’re grading a unique batch of marijuana, it’s still pressing. I don’t get the same effects from batches of cannabis that contain less than 15% THC.

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Each dispensary offers something different

There are a few different legal cannabis dispensaries in my neighborhood alone.

Before we even had a chance to vote on a legal cannabis law to permit marijuana cultivation and sales in our state, I figured it would be years before everyone got to the place where it is at currently.

And if I was being overly optimistic one day, I might have accepted the possibility of legal weed in the near future, although I assumed at best there would be one dispensary in my city. Even then, I figured that the neighborhood would ban dispensaries and there might be one off the edge of the highway someplace outside the neighborhood limits. Now that there are a few different legal cannabis dispensaries in my neighborhood alone, I am completely shocked by how fast things have evolved. The town went from having strict drug law enforcement to enjoying the benefit of there being legal recreational marijuana dispensaries in every street throughout the state. Sometimes I’m at a loss of what cannabis dispensary I should visit when I’m just looking for basic oil products or marijuana edibles. Two of the cannabis dispensaries are known for their high quality cannabis edibles while the others tend to have better oil products of both indica and sativa cannabis strains. My roommate buys the cannabis vaporizer pens that contain marijuana oil. They’re usually potent with more than 71% of THC inside. I like getting cannabis edibles from the dispensary opposed to the overpriced vaporizer pens.


Cannabis oil pen

Hard to get everything

Flower items disappear off the shelves faster than any other products at the cannabis dispensary.

I had a list of stores to go to on my way back home from my job last night. My spouse texted me a whole shopping list while I was on my lunch break. This was added to the existing list I had made a day before including a stop at the bank, another stop at the pizza parlor, and a second stop at a department store for new shoes. There was one other stop I knew I had to make, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was. I forgot to write it down on my list, so I decided to do the rest of my shopping 1st in hopes that I’d eventually remember the fourth and final stop. Thankfully by the time I got to the department store, I remembered that I was going to visit the cannabis dispensary to get new flower bud products. The delivery fee is $12 on every order so I like to visit the dispensary in person instead. But by the time I got to the cannabis shop, there was already a large line at the front door. Because of the pandemic, they only allow five people in the store at any given time. I was worried that the selection would be narrow once I finally got to the front of the line. Flower items disappear off the shelves faster than any other products at the cannabis dispensary. By the time I was let into the store, they announced that they were already getting low on indica products in particular. I had been hoping that I could pick up some blue dream, 9lb hammer, or purple haze. To my dismay, they had no indica cannabis left, only hybrid strains. I purchased something else but I was still a tiny bit disappointed I didn’t get an indica.


Orange kush

My kid wants to go task at a legal marijuana dispensary

My kid Roni told me that she is ready to quit her job at 1 of the local law firms plus go to task at a legal marijuana dispensary.

She has been working there at this law firm for a long time, although she has definitely decided already that she hates that line of task plus it’s just really too stressful for her… Even though she does make a whole lot of cash there, cash is not equal to having peace of mind.

I am blissful to know that even though she’s fairly young, Roni already has a really wonderfully sharp head on her shoulders. She knows that cash can’t buy happiness plus that’s why she has started to consider a different sort of work altogether. She wants to eventually open up and run her really own recreational marijuana store so that she can sell all sorts of legal weed plus cbd oils and other products. She has consistently had her mind set on doing something that deals with holistic health, so she has decided that a cannabis store is the best supplier plan that she could possibly settle on. While legal marijuana stores are popping up all over the place around the area, there still aren’t any cannabis dispensaries close to us at all. If she is able to get all of the job training plus certifications done, Roni would have the really first legal pot store somewhere in our area. I believe that she would do fantastic at sales plus at the supplier end of the endeavor too. Roni’s a natural born saleswoman plus I believe that a cannabis store would be perfect for her.

recreational cannabis store

My partner bought some fantastic stuff at a legal weed store

My partner is consistently out on the prowl for new kinds of cannabis products.

  • He found this fantastic CBD store located nearby our home recently plus he found all kinds of amazing recreational cannabis products that we have really been enjoying a lot lately.

I believe it’s because previously we haven’t had a recreational cannabis store anywhere near us, for a long time, we truly had to go a couple of minutes to get to any kind of cannabis store at all. So when my partner found that there was a sweet CBD store that was truly operating within just a few miles of our house, he was ecstatic. He had gotten so used to driving a long way to get cannabis products, plus whenever he went he would spend a ton of money at the cannabis store. I believe he felt love he needed to really stock up on different strains of recreational marijuana plus CBD products whenever he made the big drive out there because he wasn’t able to do it really often at all. Anyway, now that there is this cannabis store this close to our house, he will be able to stop in there whenever he wants or needs. I’m not sure if this is a wonderful thing or a bad thing for our budget, though! I mean, at least he will no longer be spending hundreds of dollars at once because he won’t believe the need to stockpile a ton of legal cannabis products now. But the fact that he can go by a cannabis store plus just purchase whatever he wants whenever he wants might be another issue altogether for our modest budget!

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