My dad smokes after the war now

You don’t know my dad, although he is the true definition of a dad.

Before I was born he served with the Marines for several years, plus he still cuts his own hair in a buzz chop every Monday morning, my dad has truly little hair left at this point, plus he still does that weekly buzz cut.

My father was a stern man, strict, although he loved the kids plus would spoil them when he could. That was then, plus these days my dad was a retiree who plays a lot of baseball. I also just learned he smokes an inhuman amount of cannabis, plus I have come to see him in a whole modern light. It started a few weeks ago when I saw him smoking a cigarette on the front porch, only when I got closer I caught the smell of cannabis plus noticed it wasn’t a cigarette at all! The people I was with and I talked about it a little, although he isn’t long on talking, so I just left the little bin of marijuana I had on me plus told him to enjoy it. I called him back the next morning and asked how he liked it, plus he said the marijuana was “fine” and that he had smoked it all. I was blown away, because for me that was almost a week’s worth of cannabis, plus the old man had crushed it in one sitting. He told me that one of his old Marine buddies became a hippie pot farmer after the service, plus sold our dad the highest grade cannabis he had ever smoked. I can’t wait to try it!
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The cannabis cafe has everything

I have a new place to eat, and I have to tell you about it.

As soon as the neighborhood started to open up again, I went to eat at as many different sites as I could.

This was partially for our own appetite, but also to help support the local economy. So many sites went out of corporation for good, so the ones that survived deserved a little support. I also made sure to stop not just our regular cannabis dispensary, but the 2 others that also survived the quarantine. The second one I had never been to before, and I was gleeful to find they had also opened a cannabis cafe. There is a small menu, but every dish is infused with cannabis oil, plus not only delicious but will get you crazy high. To be certain, this is not just edibles ,although they do also carry an amazing choice of edibles. They have a glass deli counter where you check out, plus the thing is filled with over a hundred different cannabis and CBD edibles, from cookies plus pies to candies plus mouth sprays. That is just the “grab plus go” counter however, because there is a full family room with a limited menu of cannabis infused entrees, appetizers, plus pastries. They don’t serve liquor, but they do make home-brewed teas plus lemonade drinks that are all cannabis based. Steeping a pot of warm water through cannabis leaves gives a whole modern meaning to the words “orange tea.” I highly recommend everyone to check this locale out quickly!



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I can sleep better with my help from the cannabis dispensary

I have learned the hardest way that a person can push their bodies just too far.

With the help of the local cannabis spot, I’m recovering something essential to my personal health. What I wish I had realized early on was that the two of us are not all built alike. On its surface, I understand the logic 100%. But when faced with real life scenarios, it goes right out the window. The Indica strains I usually get from the cannabis dispensary serve as my lucky horse shoe. I figured since everyone I worked with put in crazy hours, that meant I had to as well. It didn’t matter that my own body wasn’t capable of dealing with that amount of stress and fatigue. And I simply was pushing myself so far that I was no longer absolutely able to get restful sleep. The doctors gave myself and others meds that knocked myself and others out but they also came with a permanent haze that rarely lifted. A neighbor who used medical marijuana for a health condition proposed I speak with someone at the local cannabis spot. So I got my courage up and made my first ever visit to a marijuana business. I had used a bit of recreational pot in my younger years. But since then, it just didn’t fit my lifestyle. So, it’s sort of ironic that using indica is giving myself and others back my life. I have a special indica strain which works wonders to help myself and others fully relax, let go and simply release. And I’m finding that I can now at least get several hours of total rest. With time and the help of the indica strain, I hope to return to sleeping through the evening.


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Stress relief in form of a road trip to the cannabis dispensary

Stress is a big factor in my day to day life.

  • From the time I was in middle school, I have dealt with the adverse effects of stress.

My symptoms usually include anxiety, feelings of dread and complete spiritual exhaustion. The truth is that I’m just not built the same as everyone else. My stress limits are very low and when I go past them, there are sudden consequences for sure. These mornings I find relief with a road trip over to the local cannabis spot. But while I was in highschool, my mom had the doc put myself and others on antidepressant meds. These meds had a substantial effect on my life. I sort of just was removed and unemotional. I believe it was better than geeking out but it was no way to live. So when I was first introduced to recreational marijuana when I was at university, it was a complete and utter game changer for me. I have no program about what the strain or the THC content but the first time I used marijuana, I saw my life through a beautiful prism. It was love the air going out of the ballon and being filled with sunshine. This was not at all lost on me. When I got out of school, I weaned off the meds. And now, I just make sure that I drive to the local cannabis spot for some hybrid strains or some sativa strains. Pretty much 3 or 4 times per week using my goodies from the cannabis dispensary is all it takes to balance and release my stresses. And as long as the cannabis dispensary has what I need, I’ll be showing up there a handful of times per month with a big smile on my face.


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They know the science of bongs

I used to be roommates with a couple of pothead building students.

They were named Ian plus Lanny, plus they were both honestly extreme about making and understanding how bongs work.

They wanted to know how it could be applied to improve the lives of potheads everywhere. They liked to build bongs and pipes. They started out small. Then, they became more and more determined over time. These were smart dudes, plus smoking cannabis unlocked the creative side of them, which they used to build more complicated bongs. The weirdest thing to me was that they didn’t really look for the quality of the cannabis they smoked. They would buy the cheapest ditch weed marijuana, because their focus was on the device they smoke it in, not the weed itself. They were honestly generous with letting me use their bongs, however of course I consistently used my own cannabis. I have standards, plus I don’t mean I have to have Purple Haze or Girl Scout Cookies, I just mean I don’t want garbage weed filled with stems plus seeds. These men smoked the worst weed, plus that stuff gives me a headache. They taught me a lot about the physics of gravity bongs, plus hopefully I taught them a little about the benefits of smoking better cannabis. One day I asked them if they could invent something to test the THC content of cannabis, plus they took that as a challenge. They never finished it by the time I moved out, however I still wish I had gotten a way to measure how much THC was in my cannabis.



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I will work in a dispensary one day

You can judge me all you want for getting up and smoking at age 50, because I don’t care.

I worked hard for a lot of years, raised my kids, held a steady job, paid my bills, and any habits I have are ones that I picked myself.

I know the concern is that people expect this kind of behavior from a younger person, and it is supposed to taper off as you get to be an adult. In my case the opposite is fact, I used to only dabble with smoking weed once in a while, plus now I am an everyday cannabis kid! Let me fix that, I am an all-day, every-day cannabis user, plus any day I don’t get lifted is a day that I am pissed off. Cannabis makes me appreciate life a lot more, it helps me sleep well at night, plus helps me to relieve stress; Life can be so upsetting, so unrelentingly aggravating, that only in the depths of a cloud of pungent cannabis smoke do I find my relaxation. My kids are all adults now, they don’t need me hovering around, so I have much more free time to smoke marijuana then over the 13 years. I put in my time, I raised great kids, plus since I work from home now I can honestly do my weekly stuff while smoking OG Kush the whole time. My goal is to quit the work I have now plus work full time at one of the local cannabis dispensaries, plus ride out the last 30 years of my life selling tasty oranges to people.
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Competition on smoking

I have three roommates, plus one of them has a live-in woman.

  • Well, she wasn’t initially a live-in woman, however then the virus quarantine hit and she just ended up staying here with us.

The first few weeks were kind of neat, and then the itch set in. Watching entire runs of cable series plus films franchises got boring, plus all of us played every board game plus card game known to man. I am not sure who came up with the plan first, but it came about in the middle of a smoke session, and all of us spent all night planning it out. Every one of us called it the Cannabis Games, and would be an Olympic style competition with a few different marijuana-based contests between the more than three of us. The first event was called the dirty joint roll which used locally grown cannabis that was sticky plus full of seeds. The goal of this event was to wash the marijuana, break it down by hand, plus roll it into a good joint. The next leg of the event is to puff and pass, and then smoke those cigarettes at once in a circle. For the next event all of us got out the various chamber glass bongs and stuffed it full of Orange kush. This one was a hardcore test, and the bong went around the circle, each of us hitting more plus more Orange kush until all of us tapped out one by one. These events went on for various afternoons, until all of us realized all of us had smoked up a whole week’s worth of cannabis!


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We have a dispensary now

Have you ever visited the place you grew up, plus found it to be so different from what you remember? This has been happening to me a lot as of late, because I have had a lot of time off from work plus decided to do some traveling.

The coronavirus quarantine made me miss traveling, so I decided to hit a few of my older spots across the country.

The first club where I got hammered with a fake ID is now a sub shop, plus what was once a 1 story building is now 6 stories. I tried to track down the aged coffee joint I used to love, plus found that it was now a cannabis dispensary. Never one to waste a trip, I went inside to see if they would honor my medical weed card from my local state. Where I live there are legal cannabis dispensaries for medicinal use, so they are like pharmacies and require a state sponsored card and an insurance card. It turns out this state has legalized recreational marijuana use, so they didn’t give a flying poop about my card. Any legal person with the cash to spend can walk into a cannabis dispensary plus buy what they want. I liked it there. I loved that cannabis is treated the same as pain reliever or cough drops, and doesn’t have to be such a big deal. I spent a long time walking around this amazing cannabis dispensary, which wasn’t like ours back at home. This was warm, cozy, with chairs to sit plus relax, a root beer cart, and a smokers lounge for sampling cannabis.



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Our concert weed smoking spot

The program was so easy, but wonderful.

The music festival was for many afternoons worth of live performances, and it was being held at a place that had a local campground.

Every one of us decided to take a huge van, have a party on the road trip there, plus then sleep in the van for the entirety of the long weekend. It was going to be so fun, and with travel time for a whole week. Five people in a van for a whole week required some extreme supplies. Every one of us would need food, bottled water, snacks, plus a whole lot of toiletries. As it turns out, our supply of cannabis was pretty small for what we thought, plus all of us had smoked most of it by the time all of us even got to the concert. That wouldn’t be a concern, we figured, because so many people smoke marijuana at these events someone there would have some to sell. It turns out all of us didn’t need to buy any weed, because that van gave us an advantage that almost everyone didn’t have — a space to smoke without anyone seeing. For the right to have some privacy while getting high, all of us found a lot of people who were honestly great with their cannabis. Whenever you light up at a concert, everyone starts to swoop in and ask you for a couple of hits. The privacy to smoke cannabis undisturbed proved to be honestly expensive, plus all of us honestly drove back home with a lot more marijuana than I had initially. Not only did people smoke us out, they also left cannabis buds as a “thank you” gift.


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Needs cannabis to be creative

I can’t tell you my name, or where my rental location is, because that would be an ethical violation of my tenant, but I have to tell someone about this renter! She is an older woman, plus has some amount of money.

She laid out such a nice cash deposit for the rental, a few weeks paid in full, that I didn’t even give her a hard time about not giving me any ID or credentials.

She claims to be a wonderful writer who wants anonymity, and hasn’t left the grounds in various weeks. She pays me extra to get her gear, so I go to the grocery store plus a cannabis dispensary for her whenever needed… plus she needs a ton of cannabis it turns out. It makes me concerned if all writers use this much weed, because she claims it is a big help with her writing. In fact she even calls it the fix of writer’s block instead of cannabis, which I have been told is a reference to an older song. She writes on an old typewriter, doesn’t have a computer which means I need to look up what cannabis is there for her online and tell her, then get her order and her money then drive to the cannabis dispensary. She could save so much time plus effort by doing all of this herself, but if she prefers it this way I will consistently take the extra money and spend it at the cannabis dispensary myself! I haven’t paid for any of my own marijuana since she moved in.


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