The extras played a part in getting the lowest HVAC cooling bill ever

I went so far as to do all the cooking outside on the grill

So this time of year, it’s easy to feel just great about living where I do. The weather is perfect. The sky is usually cloudless and the sun shines bright all day. And the temperature is so close to perfect I smile just thinking about it. However, this winter is even all the sweeter as I just saved the most money ever on HVAC cooling over a summer. For the past 6 or 7 years, I’ve really done my part to try and lower the amount of air conditioning we use during the summer. Granted, getting through a summer without HVAC cooling is not a reasonable thing to consider. The heat and humidity in this region would be just too overwhelming to do something like that. At the same time, one needn’t over do it when it comes to HVAC cooling either. This year, I think it was all the extra stuff we did in our home that really helped in a big way. Of course, we sealed up the house, mitigated all the direct sunlight heating and kept the thermostat in the 80’s during the day. But we added stuff that also really helped out. Like, we didn’t use the dryer at all during the day. We hung our clothes out to dry so we didn’t needlessly heat up the house. I went so far as to do all the cooking outside on the grill. Again, no stove or oven to heat up the house. Shoot, we even changed out all the lightbulbs to ease up on heating up the ambient air inside our home.
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Getting the sort of HVAC heating savings I’ve wanted all along

It only took me six years to see the HVAC heating savings I have always hoped for.

Of course, I’ve only been in this house for six years so it’s not like I’ve been striving for this HVAC accomplishment.

No, it simply took me those six years to quit whining about the high price of HVAC heating and do something about it already. I think when I started hearing reports that heating costs were going to really spike this winter, it got me off my butt. The gas furnace had been expensive enough to run the previous years. I sure didn’t want to see what would happen with a spike in heating utility costs. So I actually did what I should have done six years earlier. The first thing I did was get after sealing up this house. I replaced a worn out storm door. Then, I replaced all the weather stripping in every entrance of our home. Finding and sealing cracks or gaps in the exterior was next on the schedule. Finally, I bought some additional rolls of insulation and placed them in the attic. All in all, it really wasn’t that much effort. The HVAC heating maintenance was the last part of the plan. This way the gas furnace is operating at peak efficiency. Well, I just got our first bill for a full month of heating this winter. The HVAC heating savings were beyond what I had hoped for and I’m very, very pleased with the results of my efforts. This winter is going to be far less expensive and the gas furnace isn’t going to have to work as hard to keep us all nice and toasty.


Christmas day comes with perfect thermostat setting

So this Christmas was very nearly the best Christmas that I can readily remember. Perhaps there were some better ones when I was a little guy. But as far as my late teens forward, this past Christmas ranks right up there toward the best. The main reason was I didn’t have to travel or endure a punishing thermostat setting for a week. This is pretty much what Christmas has been for like the last 15 years. My parents died when I was just out of college so I’ve missed spending the holidays with them for sure. My in laws and my wife’s family have been the destination since we’ve been married. And that meant leaving the heating and cooling comfort of my home to travel north in order to freeze and sweat all at the same time. The in laws live where there is plenty of cold winter weather on hand. Yet, the thermostat is set in the low 80’s. That gas furnace must be a monster to keep that sort of HVAC heating up all winter. However, it’s so incredibly stuffy and hot in that house. This year, we stayed home and they came to us. Not only did I get to sleep in my own bed and enjoy my own quality heating and air, the in laws rented a house nearby. That’s right, it’s like I hit the lottery. The in laws along with my wife’s sisters went together to rent this vacation house and didn’t even stay with us. Does it get any better than that?

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HVAC air ducts are cleaned and it’s just awesome

I love the house I live in and I do my best to take care of it.

However, there is one thing that I’ve been meaning to do since we moved in and I just hadn’t done it.

When we moved in, we replaced the HVAC equipment for this house. The old HVAC was worn out and we had wanted the seller to replace it. However, he wasn’t into the hassle of doing an HVAC replacement while trying to get out of the house. So we negotiated the cost of replacing the heating and cooling equipment into the final price. We actually came out on the better end of that negotiation. With the money we saved on the final cost of the house, we were able to go with the latest in residential HVAC. The HVAC contractor checked the ductwork prior to installing the new HVAC unit and it was in great shape but dirty. This was six years ago and I finally have gotten around to getting the HVAC professionals out to do the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing. I really wanted to get it done when we first moved in. Obviously, that just didn’t happen. But when I got an email from the HVAC company offering a discount on ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing, I jumped at it. The HVAC crew came out to do the ductwork cleaning and the ductwork resealing in the morning and were done not too long after lunch. I have been stunned by the improvement in our indoor air quality since the HVAC professionals did such a great job.



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New home presents an HVAC puzzle

I could hardly believe that I was actually getting two wishes in one.

I was moving into my own home with my own HVAC equipment and it was a new home as well.

How’s that for the daily double? It was pretty amazing for me given the fact that I had to save forever in order to come up with the money to do it. Initially, I was going to buy a small starter home which needed help and renovate it. But then, a new development of smaller homes was started in a part of town that was very appealing to me. When I did the numbers, it made more sense to buy the newly built home with new HVAC equipment already there. That’s just what I did and I was able to pick out the floor plan that I wanted in this house. I was even able to choose the level of residential HVAC that I wanted in my new house. I went with the higher end stuff which came with all sorts of HVAC technology. But when I moved in, I started to notice that there was something wrong with the new HVAC. The HVAC unit itself was great and the house was comfortable for sure. But I noticed that the air vents were in weird places. I brought this up to the builder who came out to have a look. It seems that the HVAC ductwork was laid out for a different floor plan. The HVAC contractor made short work of correcting the problem. And now the quality heating and air in my home is even better that I could have ever imagined.


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HVAC company gets a big assist in making my life better

An HVAC company is certainly central to making life great.

  • They look after the HVAC equipment that provides the heating and cooling that we need in our homes.

I certainly wouldn’t want to live this life without some quality heating and air. So along with changing the air filter, I make sure the HVAC company is out to do the HVAC maintenance the HVAC unit needs as well. However, the HVAC company also really helped me out with a project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The pandemic and having all of my family inside the air conditioning of the house all the time made for the perfect motivation. I’ve always wanted to take part of the basement and finish it off to be a man cave for me to retreat to. I love my family but I also really like to take some time to myself as well. But the way it breaks down in our house, I’m sort of the odd man out when it comes to having my own space. So this project has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. When the pandemic hit, I knew that it was going to be essential for me to have my own space. That led me to actually making it happen. I was able to finish off the space for the man cave with the help of some buddies. But it was the HVAC company putting in the ductless heat pump that really made the thing right. Now, thanks to the HVAC professionals, I have a great spot to myself and all the quality heating and air I could want.



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Give the HVAC equipment the attention it deserves

Many of us have experienced what it’s like to lose something that we were simply taking for granted.

Often that can come in the form of a relationship or a job or just about anything. But when it happens, it’s a bit stunning and not always an easy situation to rectify. I’ve certainly been there. And the experience really helped me change my perspective. I pay a lot closer attention now to essential stuff like even my HVAC equipment. I don’t think I ever realized just how essential our HVAC equipment really was until I became a homeowner. But heating and cooling is a basic necessity of life. The fact that we live in an age where we can benefit from modern HVAC technology should be celebrated. Yet more often than not, we just ignore this fact and the HVAC unit along with it. That’s a shame on a number of levels least of which is that it’ll end up costing you. Simply changing the HVAC air filter each month is such an important thing we can do to help the HVAC unit. This small thing goes a long way toward the HVAC equipment working as it should. And we also all need to take the time to call the HVAC company for HVAC maintenance as well. Heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune-up in the spring makes a big difference. The HVAC equipment will operate at peak efficiency and HVAC maintenance also extends the life of the HVAC unit.

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Trying to get the HOA to see my side of the HVAC situation

I don’t have a problem with being wrong.

I don’t even have a problem with being called out when I’m wrong.

These are two characteristics of humans who have evolved a bit and know they aren’t perfect. However, it’s always tough to for me to deal with people who just won’t budge because they don’t want to admit they made a mistake. I’m dealing with an HVAC situation at my house that has the HOA all riled up. Yet, I’m doing my very best to stay calm and continue to represent the facts. There is a stipulation in the HOA agreement that HVAC equipment has to be in good working order. Presumably, this was put in to keep people from having eyesores in their yard that they called HVAC equipment. This I understand. None of us want our property values diminished due to poor choices by our neighbors. Again, I totally get that and can support that rationale. But the HOA is trying to intimidate me into replacing my HVAC equipment over the color of the HVAC cabinet. This is of course completely absurd. My HVAC equipment is not even a dozen years old and is in perfect working order. It just sits in the hot, souther sun all day and the color has faded. There is no rust or anything. I even offered to have it painted. But the HOA won’t budge because they aren’t willing to admit just how preposterous this HVAC situation really is. It’s really a shame that grown people feel as though they just can’t simply state that there was a mistake and a compromise would work.

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Don’t try to save money with a handyman, call the HVAC company

But we figured that was a bad idea

The last few years have been all about how to live on less money. Thank you so much for that pandemic. I lost my job due to the virus and my husband had to take a big pay cut in order to work from the air conditioning safety of our home. My job was part time as we have kids but we still counted on that money. So without that and with the pay cut from my husband’s salary, things got tight in a hurry. We started just slashing our household budget anywhere and everywhere that we were able. The summer of 2020 found us all inside the house and we decided to rein in the HVAC costs as well. In our region, the main heating and cooling costs are the HVAC cooling we rely on to just get through the heat of summer. There really aren’t that many cost associated with HVAC heating. The heat pump will come on now and again but it’s not routine during our mild winter. So we figured that saving on the HVAC cooling would be a big plus for us. And we really did make an all out effort in that regard. The thermostat was in the 80’s during the hottest part of the day. We just used fans and ultimately became accustomed to the new thermostat setting. The savings were great that summer on HVAC cooling so we kept it going this past summer. However, we ended up with having the heat pump start acting weird on us. My husband almost called a handyman he knew in order to save money on an HVAC service charge from a visit by an HVAC technician. But we figured that was a bad idea. The handyman didn’t guarantee his work and the HVAC equipment was just too essential not to get an HVAC professional.



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Get healthy, clean smelling air from the HVAC

Not liking to spend time inside your home is more than just a bit problematic.

But that is exactly what we faced for the last few years. As our family grew, so did the odors inside our home. It finally got so bad that I would volunteer to go do errands just to get some heating and cooling that didn’t come with a slew of odor. My wife and I tried just about everything we could think to do in order to get rid of the odors. But we failed with every attempt. There would be a brief reprieve with the deodorizers or scented candles at times. But as soon as the HVAC unit kicked on, the same ugly odors were simply recycled again. This got to be more than we could handle as we really didn’t like being at home. And that’s just no good. So we sought the advice of the real indoor air experts and called the HVAC company. They really listened to our situation before suggesting a fix. My wife and I had considered air purification before but the idea of moving the air purifier around and cleaning the air filter weren’t appealing. But when the HVAC company suggested the whole home air purification system, we leaned in to listen carefully. The way this air purifier works is by the HVAC unit and the air purifier working together to eliminate airborne hazard. This air purifier doesn’t trap and remove airborne hazards. This air purifier simply destroys the with a high intensity beam of UV light. Well, all I can say is that I don’t even want to leave my house to go to work it smells so good. The whole house air purification system is the best.