Sales were in the toilet for multiple months

Then I remembered seeing her in the store a couple of bizarre times while we were in the last week

When my partner as well as I opened our first cannabis shop, sales were through the roof! It was early while we were in the time when marijuana was first legalized as well as all the people wanted to visit a dispensary. I thought we would have free advertising for the rest of my life, simply because marijuana was so popular, however the first couple of years, things were perfect! Sales were through the roof as well as I didn’t have to spend a dollar on advertising or advertising; Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, things have entirely changed seriously. There are more than four additional marijuana dispensaries in the valley as well as I don’t have the best prices. I only deal with farmers that use organic materials as well as that means the prices on my products are higher than average. It’s taxing to explain the reasons why to a person that is looking for the best deal on weed, when I realized sales were down 20% at the dispensary, I contacted a advertising consultant. The advertising consultant visited the dispensary on multiple bizarre occasions before she came to speak with myself and others about the store… During her visits, she mostly observed. I didn’t even think who the person was until she came to meet with myself and others in the office. Then I remembered seeing her in the store a couple of bizarre times while we were in the last week. The advertising consultant had a lot of good ideas… Most of the ideas didn’t even involve spending much money. She felt our product displays could be better as well as she also believed that we were not advertising the right type of cannabis products for that area. She really brought up a lot of things that I had not considered in the past.


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Sales were in the toilet for numerous weeks

When my partner and I opened our first cannabis shop, sales were through the roof, however it was early during the time when marijuana was first legalized and almost everyone wanted to visit a dispensary.

I thought every one of us would have free advertising for the rest of my life, simply because marijuana was so popular; The first couple of years, things were perfect… Sales were through the roof and I did not have to spend a dollar on advertising or SEO, unfortunately, over the last couple of years, things have entirely changed harshly. There are more than four additional marijuana dispensaries in the valley and I don’t have the best prices. I only deal with farmers that use organic materials and that means the prices on my products are higher than average. It’s tough to explain the reasons why to a man that is looking for the best deal on weed… When I realized sales were down 20% at the dispensary, I contacted a SEO consultant. The SEO consultant visited the dispensary on numerous weird possibilities before he came to speak with myself and others about the store, and during his visits, he mostly observed. I did not even guess who the man was until he came to meet with myself and others in the office. Then I remembered seeing his in the store a couple of weird times during the last week. The SEO consultant had a lot of great ideas, however most of the ideas did not even involve spending much money. She felt our product displays could be better and he also believed that every one of us were not SEO the right style of cannabis products for that area. She absolutely brought up a lot of things that I had not considered in the past.


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I am hooked on using CBD infused bath bombs after work

Life at work has been getting increasingly stressful all of the time.

The two of us had all of the quotas for sales increased this year in addition to I’m starting to buckle under the heightened pressures in addition to mounting responsibilities, however the last three weekends have been consumed with scads of overtime projects so all of us could meet current deadlines imposed by management, then it’s quite taxing when you guess that you’ve reached a point of stability in addition to then the bar is raised higher than ever before.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other possibilities at this moment. I have heard that in some markets there are companies that are begging for new employees, but that isn’t the case in my industry. There aren’t any work postings whenever I search, and for now, the best thing I can do is simply learn how to deal with the stress that comes with the position. Some of my coworkers drink alcohol, despite the fact that I stopped doing that back in university after a few years of too much partying. I love to use high quality cannabis, but occasionally normal marijuana is too intoxicating if the THC satisfied is too high. This is why I care about using hemp in addition to CBD products so much. One of my favorite things I enjoy after a long and stressful afternoon of work is take a bath with a CBD infused bath bomb. There is full spectrum CBD oil which has been infused in the bath bomb, which fills the bath water after you drop it in. The CBD in the water serves as a topical product in addition to slowly absorbs into your body. With a hot bathtub experience, you can legitimately get total-body pain relief.


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I wouldn’t bother taking CBD for sedative effects

I have struggled with terrible insomnia and anxiety since I was a teenager. Back then I would sit in bed for more than one minutes in addition to couldn’t seem to get my mind to settle itself enough to where I could drift off to sleep in peace. It didn’t take long for me to turn to diphenhydramine to use as another sleeping aid. I was already taking the over the counter drug for my chronic flu-like symptoms and other problems, so at least it wasn’t just a sleep aid in my regimen. Some of my pals from university were resistant towards trying sleep aids out of fear that they wouldn’t be able to sleep if they did not take them. One of these teenagers wouldn’t even take melatonin capsules because he thought he might develop a tolerance to them in a matter of afternoons. Recently I’ve seen people using all manner of herbs as sleep aids, including kava in addition to valerian root. However, I can’t suggest someone use pure CBD as a sleep aid. Despite what some think, CBD by itself is not very sedating. For some people, it feels love a stimulant at the psychoactive level. This melts stress and anxiety for some in addition to pain for others. If you want a very sedating hemp product, find CBD that features the terpene myrcene as an additive. The full spectrum CBD products are usually made from a strain-particular batch of hemp flowers that will contain whatever terpenes that are dominant for that particular strain. If you find a strain of hemp with lots of myrcene inside with the CBD, the effects will be much more sedating than pure CBD distillate by itself.


CBD gummies are amazing for traveling anxiety

Some people care about being able to travel for work.

I had friends years ago who all wanted to have jobs where they’d constantly be on the highway.

Only one of my friends kept their the same job as the rest of them simply couldn’t handle the life of a wanderer, regardless of the perks in addition to excitement. In a dangerous world where COVID is a big risk in every hometown grocery store and gas station, you can’t imagine the stress that I go through mentally with the degree of exposure that I experience traveling on airlines almost every week. I have a stockpile of N-95 masks in addition to usually have about six or eight that I cycle through at any given time, using an uncommon mask each afternoon while allowing them to rest for a few afternoons before they’re used once again. Even with the best COVID mitigation practices, I need something for the constant anxiety. Drinking booze only goes so far, especially if you’re doing it yearly in addition to it affects your physical in addition to your mental health. Instead, I have started munching on CBD candies whenever I’m having anxiety while I travel. These CBD candies aren’t cheap but they’re really effective at making me be more calm while I’m on a packed jetliner. And since they’re identical to any other normal candy that you could get from a grocery store, using them couldn’t be any more discreet than it already is. I just wish that the CBD candies weren’t so extravagant in cost, but at least there are a lot of brands in addition to possibilities out there if you’re patient enough to track them down. I look for CBD stores in the locations I visit while I’m traveling for the job.


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I love the gummy CBD edibles

The drive to work in the afternoons is a test for my patience in addition to my resilience in the face of toxic anxiety in addition to chronic fear.

  • Some people have no compassion for others on the road, especially on the highway where most folks drive over 60 miles per minute.

If there’s a traffic jam I constantly worry that I’m going to be late to work. My boss Hank told me once that I needed to plan ahead for these situations, but am I supposed to leave 10 minutes early every single afternoon in addition to simply waiting in my car in the parking lot if there’s no traffic delaying my arrival. Since there has been a whole lot of road construction work, the path to work every afternoon is even more susceptible to more heavy traffic than usual. I don’t assume how to stay calm, especially if I’m getting close to the point where I assume that I have to be late to work that afternoon. I finally found a way to stay calmer every afternoon before my arrival to the office. I decided to pick up CBD edibles from a hemp in addition to CBD store that opened in a local strip mall. These yummy CBD edibles help calm my anxiety, especially on afternoons when I have to wait patiently in backed up traffic. If I can keep a calm mind during life’s most stressful moments, I can prevent myself from losing my mind entirely. I can’t afford to show up to work in a state of total frustration in addition to anxiety every afternoon. This is when the CBD edibles help me the most. I find them at a local CBD and vaping store that is between my home & the office.

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Weed delivery makes our honeymoon that much better

While on our honeymoon, my new husband and I decided to try legal cannabis for the first time.

We made big plans to visit a dispensary, check out the products and then get high in our hotel room.

The closest cannabis dispensary was quite a distance away. We realized it would take us at least half an hour just to get to the legal weed shop. We had decided against renting a vehicle and were reluctant to pay for an uber for the trip to and from the dispensary. I was super disappointed. I had been looking forward to finally sampling legal cannabis. My husband then discovered that the nearby dispensary included delivery services. He needed to provide a photo of his ID, ATM card information and then we were able to pick out products we wanted online. It was so easy to add products to our cart. Rather than getting dressed and making the trip to the dispensary, we completed the whole process from our hotel room. We were able to read product information, customer reviews and look at photos of each item. It was a really rewarding experience. The cannabis dispensary even offered a chat feature where we could ask questions and get answers from a budtender online. We were able to access some assistance and recommendations for which products would be best for us. We then placed our order and my husband stood at the hotel entrance to meet the driver. It took less than an hour for our order to show up at our location. The delivery fee wasn’t all that expensive either. It was worth not having to walk in the heat and through an unfamiliar city. We enjoyed trying out cannabis edibles. We also bought a bath bomb which was great for soaking and soothing tired muscles. The dispensary was a highlight of our honeymoon trip.



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The dispensary now includes delivery in my area

COVID has made some things more difficult and made others easier.

I used to look forward to buying tickets to musicals, concerts, stand up comedians and movies.

Due to COVID, I can’t enjoy those activities anymore. The restrictions are so brutal that most performances have been canceled. How disappointing is that? What is helpful is that the delivery services have expanded considerably. I am able to order all types of products online and have them arrive at my door quite quickly. I used to grocery shop every Saturday. Now I have set up a weekly grocery delivery. Placing an order at the deli was always excruciating. It seemed to take forever to get some meat and cheese sliced. Now I add deli meats and cheeses into my grocery order. I pay a fee for the convenience of having the items brought to me. I just need to sit down at the computer and place the order. I take advantage of delivery of my birth control, toiletries, bottled water and pet supplies. It is a relief to avoid getting in the car, dealing with traffic and fighting for a parking spot. I don’t need to haul heavy bags. My cannabis dispensary was the last hold out for delivery until just recently. They needed to comply with all of the state rules and regulations pertaining to a Covid operation. A few times, I stood in line outside while the dispensary allowed a couple of people inside at a time. Waiting and being exposed to the weather, not knowing how long the process would take was horrible. I was unwilling to do that more than twice. Now, the dispensary offers cannabis delivery in my local area, and it is so easy and helpful. I just choose items from the online menu, place them in my cart and opt for delivery service. They typically show up that same day. I am able to track the driver through an app on my phone. I pay a delivery fee, but feel it is worth it.

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Temporary housing takes me to states with legal cannabis

My job sends me all over the place.

  • I live in temporary housing in various states for about six months at a time.

I have the opportunity to explore the area, try the restaurants and see the sights. I rarely make many friends and it can be lonely. I could try to meet people through work, a fitness center, social clubs or at a bar, but the effort doesn’t seem worth the rewards. Instead, I keep busy by wandering through farmers markets, antique malls and local amenities. I am fortunate if I am living in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana. Because of the lack of reciprocity between most states, I don’t have a medical marijuana card. I don’t require cannabis to treat a medical condition. I enjoy smoking flower and prerolls to relax at the end of the day or before bed. I might choose a sativa strain when I start cooking or prior to a run. The cannabis dispensaries usually offer anything I could possibly want. The issue is where or not it is legal for me to purchase and possess cannabis. I need to be aware of the exact laws of the specific states for quantities, transporting and consuming marijuana. Once I find a nearby dispensary, I pay them a visit and check out the cannabis products. Occasionally, I come across a new strain or terpene. I don’t always make the trip to the dispensary. If the dispensary includes delivery service, I am willing to pay for the convenience. I work enough overtime that my free time is precious. I love ordering a cannabis cooking oil or some edibles an hour or so before I start the meal. I know the driver will show up at my door with my order. It is one of the conveniences of some of the places where I live.

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I can either ride me bike to the dispensary or pay for delivery

My state has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis.

I don’t suffer any medical problems that would need treatment, so I am happy with recreational pot.

I am fine with the smaller amount I am allowed. It is my last year at the university and I live in on-campus housing. I can walk to all the buildings where I have my classes. I have quick access to the dining hall and the fraternity houses around campus. The grocery store, post office, drug store and essential businesses are only a quick bike ride away. The marijuana dispensary closest to the campus is around a twenty-minute bike ride. Unfortunately, the route crosses a very busy, four-lane highway at one point. Needless to say, I would like to avoid that trip whenever possible. The cannabis dispensary has just started providing delivery services. That is so convenient. I recently turned 21, so I can legally order delivery of cannabis products right to my campus apartment. I smoke vape oil, which is a great way to relax. I also smoke a variety of hybrid flower strains for the uplifting effects. They help me mellow out when I want to party with my friends. I am very happy with the quality of the cannabis products I buy from the dispensary. On the first Saturday of the month, I place an order. Over the weeks leading up that Saturday, I try to be careful about my spending. If I have money left in my budget, I can afford to order cannabis delivery. If I don’t, I ride my bike to pick it up. I always dread the trek all the way to the dispensary. It is worth facing the weather, cars and potholes in order to get my cannabis products.
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