My periods are better regulated now

I can’t understand any woman that I know who looks forward to her period. While we accept that as a part of being female & a part of being able to produce life, it’s still no fun and games. But for me, I just wish I could have a stage like my peers. And until I started using medical marijuana, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to take it anymore. The doctors had suggested a hysterectomy due to my ridiculous cramping & bleeding. It goes on for almost 2 weeks every time. Finally, I happened upon a cannabis event at a local medical marijuana dispensary. There I got some cannabis education. I had no clue that medical marijuana could help me with my bleeding being long and painful. I learned that medical cannabis products could easily help with all the cramping & blood I go through. It was inspiring enough to get me to learn about the medical marijuana regulations & just how to get a medical marijuana card. Once I had access to the cannabis shop, I found people there who had so much cannabis education. The staff was so superb about helping figure out just the style of medical cannabis products that would help our situation. When I started my treatment with medical marijuana, I was stunned by how easy and efficient it was. Not only were my cramps so much better, I was dealing with them for half the week. It was as though, after a couple of uses, I was back to the style of period I had when I was younger. Still not a fun time but not the pain filled 2 week cramp fest it was prior to medical marijuana.



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Helping my knee and hands

Who knew that something like medical cannabis would be such a big thing? Back in the afternoon, I was easily a fan of cannabis items.

That was something I honestly enjoyed partaking in.

However, once I started a job, I had to give it up. There were drug tests for cannabis products & it was still not allowed. There were no such things as legal weed stores. Thankfully, there are now. And happily, I am a big beneficiary of medical marijuana. I have arthritis pain in my knees & feet. There are other spots but my knees & feet are the worst. Until I started using medical weed, my mobility was severely limited. I just had to do the best I can but it led to a unquestionably stationary lifestyle which causes a lot of problems on its own. But a friend, who also suffers with arthritis pain, l received about the cannabis rules in place & how to get a medical marijuana card. Once she started with a medical cannabis store, the relief came unquestionably hastily. So I figured out the medical marijauna rules for myself & got access to the medical cannabis store near me. I too felt near instant results. Not only was there pain relief although I was also able to do the stretching drills the doctor had wanted me to do for some time. I’m happy to report that thanks to medical cannabis products, I am no more mobile that I have been in years. I am now doing my best to spread the word through cannabis education. More people can be helped out of the suffering arthritis pain with the help of medical marijuana.



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Using for back pain

It’s so different how a person can be healthy & happy 1 afternoon & flat on their back the next.

This is exactly what happened to me.

Out of nowhere, our back began to seize up. And the seizing pains were so bad that I could hardly function. At first, I thought I had just overdone it at the gym. Little did I know that it was the start of a condition that only medical marijuana has helped. When I initially went to the doctor, she gave me muscle relaxers & told me to rest a few afternoons. The meds helped a bit but mainly all I could do was rest. Once I tried to get back to normal, the back pain hit back even harder. Until I finally got some help from medical cannabis products, I was in a never ending cycle of pain & dosing. My work suffered & relationships & my life overall. I kept trying different doctors. Finally, 1 doctor helped me understand just how to get a medical marijuana card. She easily felt that medical cannabis would help our situation. I wanted to get some cannabis education myself & did just that at some cannabis dispensary events. There I learned a superb deal about all the different cannabis products that could help our unique problem. My first trip to the legal weed shop was enlightening. Not only did I love, support & understand, they put together several samples for me to try. I was amazed at how the medical cannabis allowed me immediate relief & flexibility.


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Using it for migraines

Those who often deal with migraine headaches belknowknieve exactly how life altering these episodes can be.

  • I have dealt with this kind of headache for over a year now.

And they came just out of nowhere. Up until I started using cannabis products, I had limited help. The medications prescribed to me were, at best, limited in what they could do. Once the early on signs of a migraine was coming, I could do very little to stop it. And the drugs meant to keep me from having a migraine had so several side effects that it just wasn’t worth it. Thankfully, medical marijuana is allowed in our region. It took a long time for there to be legal access to a medical marijuana dispensary. But, recent legislation has changed that. I was able to get a referral to a doctor who then prescribed medical marijuana for me. I went through all of the medical marijuana rules & was finally given access to the medical weed that I needed. From the unquestionably outset of treatment with medical marijuana, our migraine symptoms are far less difficult. And medical marijuana feels like it has reduced the frequency of the episodes as well. I’m off the prescription meds & thankful to be. With the medical cannabis I get at the medical cannabis shop, I’m able to do far more to treat what was once a totally debilitating condition. Now, I have less pain & when I do, I’m normally back on my feet the next afternoon. I feel for those who live in areas where medical marijauna access is denied. Medical cannabis has simply changed our life.

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Chronic pain deliverance from the legal weed store

I’m able to get pain relief while also being able to get on with my life in a much more normal way

When I was much younger, I thought that I was absolutely bullet proof. There wasn’t a thing in the world that I couldn’t heal from. And I felt this way because I had suffered broken bones and other ailments but ended up bouncing back. That all came to an end when I faced chronic pain. But with the help of medical cannabis and the good people at the legal weed shop, I’ve got some hope. Prior to my treatment with medical cannabis products, I was either in a lot of pain and discomfort or I was zonked out. Those were my choices. Chronic pain started for me when I was in my mid forties. And at first, I thought I was just dealing with some aches and pains. Those aches and pains quickly transformed in to debilitating pain in several spots on my body. However, I now don’t have to lean on the intense pain meds that simply knock me out. With medical cannabis products, I have found a blessing. The good people at the medical marijuana dispensary have been so wonderful to me. These people at the legal weed shop have found the right strains of medical cannabis to help me manage. I’m able to get pain relief while also being able to get on with my life in a much more normal way. Plus, the medical cannabis products also help me to relax and not let my condition cause me so much stress. If it weren’t for access to the medical marijuana dispensary, I just don’t know where I would be in my life right now.


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Getting more balance with help from medical cannabis

It’s remarkable that something so natural like medical marijuana can do what other medicines simply couldn’t do.

I have pretty sever social anxiety that comes with a fair amount of depression.

My parents thought I was just shy until I could barely even get out of bed to go to school when I was a teen. It wasn’t shy, it was terror of feeling constantly judged and being so sensitive to what others might or might not say. Until I learned about medical cannabis, I was captive to these feelings. The doctors gave me many combinations of medicines to help treat my condition. But none could really conquer it. The symptoms would be a bit less and then the meds just wouldn’t work at all after a while. It was beyond frustrating until I got some cannabis information. That set me on a quest to really get a cannabis education in hopes that I would find something that would be a tool for me to move on from my condition. What I learned is that medical cannabis products can help with anxiety and depression. Once I was able to navigate the medical marijuana regulations, I had access to the legal weed store. There I found compassionate individuals who knew the different types of cannabis products that would work specifically for me. Once I started using the medical cannabis, the relief came rather quickly. It started with just this small feeling of hope. And that turned into a bit of confidence and trust that I could manage life outside of my house. The months went by using medical marijuana and my life continued to blossom. Now, I actually have a part time job and interact with people on a near daily basis.


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Post accident pain relief with medical cannabis

I never thought I was as fragile than I actually am.

The idea that something like a fall could end up harming me in such a profound way just didn’t compute.

And then it happened to me. I’m just lucky to have medical cannabis products to help see me through my recovery. I was on a simple ski trip when someone cut me off and I ended hitting several trees. I had multiple leg injuries, a concussion and a ruptured disk in my back. There were immediate surgeries and lots of pain medications. But once the physical therapy started, I wanted nothing more to do with the opioids. It was going to be hard enough to recover from my accident without being addicted to pills as well. A good friend of mine got me some cannabis information. I did some subsequent research on medical marijuana and was pleased to find that medical cannabis could help me in a number of ways. Once I understood the marijuana rules, I was able to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. From there, it was the good people at the medical marijuana dispensary that were so instrumental in helping me. They knew exactly the medical cannabis products that would be best for me as I navigated physical therapy and my path to recovery. I was quite pleased with the results from the cannabis products. Not only did help alleviate pain, it also helped me have a better perspective when it came to my recovery. I wasn’t down about like I had been. Instead, the medical cannabis helped me remember that this was temporary.

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Finding an healthy diet with help from medical cannabis

I think the shame from having an eating disorder can be nearly as detrimental as the physical harm it does to your body.

And until I found medical marijuana, I lived in shame and a cycle of behavior that was killing me. Much of my situation has to do with a body image problem I’ve has since I was little. There was plenty of bullying when I was younger because I was a chubby kid. That quickly escalated into me seeing food as the enemy. Now that I am using medical cannabis products as part of my treatment, I actually feel like I can embrace food again. As weird as it sounds, cannabis knowledge has helped me begin to conquer a deeply held misbelief. My therapist got me some cannabis information to see if I would be willing to try medical marijuana as part of my treatment. Once I got some cannabis education by going to cannabis events and visiting medical marijuana dispensaries, I was on board. Using medical marijuana gives me an appetite that feels natural. And I feed that appetite with good, healthful food. This actually feels sort of natural to me. Since I have been using medical cannabis products, I haven’t succumbed to the binging and purging I was once did. Medical cannabis allows me to really understand my issues with food are based on something that just isn’t real. And I get great care, support and compassion from those I deal with at the medical marijuana dispensary. My prospects for living a better life are good and I am thankful.
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Fighting MS with help of medical cannabis

For months, I just didn’t feel like myself. It was like I had worked out way too much, not gotten much sleep and just was completely out of sorts. So I went to the doctor to see what was happening. I described my symptoms and the doctor did some test. Not too much later, I learned that I had MS. That was a big change and it happened quickly. Along with trying different medications, it was suggested that I might add medical marijuana to manage my MS. This seemed sort of odd to me. But at that point, I really didn’t know much at all about medical marijuana. That would change. I got to some cannabis events at a legal cannabis store. There I learned all about how dramatically medical cannabis can effect MS symptoms. When I began treatment with medical cannabis products, I could tell right away that it helped me with the stiffness and spasms I was experiencing. I continued to use the medical marijuana and found that I also was getting some real emotional benefit from the medical cannabis products as well. The longer I kept going to the legal weed store, the more I came in contact with others who were experiencing the same thing I was going through. So not only was I able to get the cannabis benefits from the legal weed store, I was meeting people and forming a sort of support network too. MS is no longer something that I fear as much as it’s something that I have accepted. My life will be different. But thanks to medical cannabis and the people at the legal marijuana store, I feel confident I can deal with it.

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Medical cannabis helps me deal with IBS

There isn’t much worse than to be forever dealing with my stomach and the other symptoms of IBS. It’s just such a limiting condition. And the pain is terrible at times. I have done all the diet changes and have taken the meds for years now. While there are some good days mixed in there, much of my life has been limited due to IBS. Then I found medical marijuana. This has been the discovery I have been waiting for. Not too long ago, I joined a support group of others who are dealing with this as well. In one of the meetings, a person talked about finding some relief when they used cannabis products. However, it was just a one time thing and they weren’t sure about it. This got me to thinking however. I had long heard about the great anti-inflammatory benefits medical cannabis provides. And it sort of made sense to me on a basic level. I figured it would be at least worth getting some cannabis information from the legal weed shop. My cannabis education got me to a doctor who helped me with the medical marijuana regulations. From there, I went back to the legal weed shop and was able to access the medical cannabis products. Since then, my IBS has been much, much better managed. I have far more good days than I have bad days. And that is all I can really ask for. Just feeling better is okay. While I still hope they are able to find a full cure, just having access to medical cannabis allows me great relief.


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