Coming to the marijuana party a little late in life

Like my old man was fond of saying, better late than never. And you know, that man really did have a point. I’m finding a time in my life that I was sort of dreading to be actually most enlightening and full of fun. This has something to do with discovering marijuana at the ripe old age of 67. Can you believe that I went all this time without ever taking a chance on recreational marijuana? I know the staff at the local cannabis spot were blown away by that piece of reality. Yet, it’s totally the truth. I just never engaged with any sort of cannabis products. And it’s not like I’ve ever been against recreational marijuana or anything like that. It’s just the few times that I was invited to indulge in recreational marijuana, I declined. That was back in college and I was a pretty busy student. I was on a very strict scholarship that was predicated on keeping excellent grades. So I just never did much of anything but study when I was at university. Then life just happened and here I am. I’m single, newly retired and enjoying cannabis products for the first time. Wow, it was definitely worth the wait. I’m particularly partial to the sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. Next on my list are some hybrid strains that I’ve heard and read good things about. I’ve also purchased some of the cannabis edibles and find them to be ideal as well. They are especially good for me when I can’t smoke marijuana but want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis products.

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The sound was my car engine

Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard a very strange sound coming from inside my car.

I only hear the sound when the engine is running.

The car was running just fine, so I didn’t think the sound was anything that I needed to worry about. Unfortunately, the strange sound must have been a warning that the car was having trouble. I ignored the warning and I ended up stranded on the side of the road in the middle of a cannabis delivery. I was working on a Thursday night and it was a typical evening filled with several different cannabis deliveries. I drove across the bridge to deliver a couple of items, and my car didn’t sound right when I drove back to the store. I had another cannabis delivery that was a few miles away from the shop. I thought I would take that down to the apartment real quick and come back for another delivery. I was about a mile away from the store when my car died. All of the interior lights shut off and so did the radio. Then the car engine completely died. I’ve lost power steering, but I managed to safely remove the car from the street. I walked all the way back to the dispensary. A friend of mine took me down to the car and he tried to fix the problem. It wasn’t the batteries or the connections, so I had to get the tow company to take the car to the dealership and I was done with cannabis deliveries for the night.

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The driver even brought a new glass bowl from the dispensary

My friends and I use recreational marijuana everyday. Sometimes I smoke a joint and sometimes I smoke a bowl. It depends on my mood and how high I want to get. When I really want to blow my mind, I use a gravity bong. My preferred method for smoking is a glass bowl. I have acquired a number of smoking devices over the years, but I prefer a small glass bowl that fits very easily in my hand. I had some friends over for drinks on Saturday. We ordered recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary in town. I was going to pick up the items, but Jack wanted to have everything delivered. Since three people ordered from the same address, we qualified for free delivery. About 30 minutes after we placed the marijuana order, I dropped my glass bowl on the kitchen floor. I’ve dropped the bowl a number of times and it has never broken. This time it fell to the ground and shattered into a thousand different pieces. I didn’t have any papers in the house, so I contacted the dispensary to see if they had any glass bowls. They had a couple of different choices. They had some that were $10 and some that were $20. They gave me a couple of different color choices like red, blue, and green. I didn’t have any pictures, so I didn’t want to spend a heap of money. I decided to go with a red glass bowl in the $10 range. The driver brought the glass bowl along with all the items that we ordered from the dispensary.

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I wait till Tuesday for the 20% sales

Even though medical and recreational marijuana are legal in the state where I live, the prices are still expensive. The average cost for an eighth of marijuana is around $40. The average cost for a gram of cannabis concentrate is around $30. I have to follow a strict budget each month and that means I usually browse all of the dispensaries for the best selection. On Tuesdays I know there is a dispensary that offers all products for 20% off. It doesn’t matter if you purchase marijuana flower or concentrate. Both items are included in the sale along with recreational cannabis Edibles, tinctures, popsicles, and beverages. On Tuesday of this week, I went to the dispensary to pick out a couple of grams of cannabis concentrate. I was surprised to find a couple of online sales. There is hardly ever online sales for cannabis concentrate and they had a couple of items that were BOGO half price. I picked out a gram of cannabis concentrate called Blue Dream. It was a dark amber color and a full spectrum product. I also picked out a gram of cannabis concentrate called OG Kush. The Indica dominant strain is one of my favorites and it always packs a punch. Between the 20% off sale and the BOGO sales, I ended up saving about $50 on my order. I used the savings to purchase more cannabis products. I got a top shelf eighth of flower called super silver haze. The buds were covered with THC trichomes and they were a pretty light green color.



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Delivery times were 90 minutes on Friday night

On Friday nights, the cannabis store is always busy with deliveries.

Nobody likes to leave the house, especially if it’s raining or cold.

I’ve been working at the cannabis store for the past six months. Sales have increased every month since I have been an employee. Much of the increase in sales is due to the addition of delivery services. We have only offered delivery services for the past 4 months. Friday nights are the worst. Last Friday night delivery times were almost 90 minutes. A couple of people did not want to wait that long. Many of our dispensary customers complain about the significant wait time. One customer contacted that cannabis store to complain when the driver had not arrived in 75 minutes. I was telling every customer on the phone to expect 90 minutes or more. At 75 minutes, I told her to wait a little while longer. I promised that we were working hard to get every order out of the store. I looked up the information for the sale and the driver had already left the store. About five minutes later, the customer called again. I was as polite as possible, but I was very busy as well. I ask the customer not to call back again unless the driver had not arrived Within 2 hours. The lady mumbled under her breath as she hung up the phone, but she did not call the dispensary again. If she was so worried, she could have come down to the shop and picked up the order in ten minutes.


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The cop tried to give me a ticket for the smell of cannabis

When I’m at work, I can’t smoke weed in the restaurant. I have to go somewhere outside of the building to get high. Friday night was an extraordinarily busy day at the restaurant and I only got a couple of opportunities to go outside for a break. During one of those opportunities, I decided to smoke a half of a joint that was sitting in the side door of my car. I smoked the entire rest of the joint and I felt pretty good when I went back to work. I have a little bit more energy and I was genuinely feeling less anxious. We still had a whole boredom of orders that needed to be filled, but I didn’t mind after getting high. I left work about 3 hours later. I was no longer feeling any effect from the marijuana that I smoked earlier. I was driving 50 mph in an area that was only 45 and an officer decided to pull me over for speeding. I told the officer that I was on my way home from a late shift at the restaurant. I even told the guy the name of the place. He told me that he could smell weed in my car and he tried to give me a ticket for smoking marijuana in my vehicle. I told the officer that I had used marijuana earlier, but I assured him that I was no longer high. The officer still gave me a ticket, but I’ve been assured that it will not hold up in court. Since he didn’t see me smoking or find weed in my car, it can’t be proven.


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I like the flavor of pancakes but not in weed

I love the flavor of pancakes with real cream butter and natural maple syrup.

Every morning when I was a kid, my mom made me pancakes and sausage before I went to school.

Sometimes she made bacon or ham, but it was pancakes every morning. My sister always complained and asked for something different, but I was happy to go downstairs at breakfast time and see pancakes. Last week I went to the dispensary to stock up on cannabis supplies. I’m lucky to live in a state where recreational and medical cannabis is legal. While I was giving the budtender my order, he told me about a brand new strain of Indica cannabis. The strain was called pancakes for breakfast. The woman told me that the cannabis tasted like maple syrup. I immediately looked up the strain on my phone and I found out that the Indica dominant strain had won some awards in the previous year. I decided to purchase this strange cannabis strain. It was the first thing I smoked later that evening. I put some of the whole buds in a bowl and ground them up. As soon as I started grinding the marijuana flower, I smelled a sweet maple syrup odor. At first it was interesting, and then I hit the bowl. The flavor of maple syrup did not taste good in the weed. I didn’t smoke much more of the bowl and I ended up giving the rest of the marijuana eighth to one of my roommates. He never complained about the weird and strange odor.

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I learned about cannabis through cannabis events

That’s all? With the way she was acting I thought she had done something truly awful! But my sister seemed to think that I would suddenly hate her for using cannabis cartridge products, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! It didn’t change my opinion of her at all, which seemed to relieve her.

I should have known something was up. My sister has been really clingy lately. My sister, who was always independent from a young age and standoffish. She has suddenly transformed into this clingy, unsure of herself person. I almost don’t recognize her. I would ask her what’s wrong, but she would tell me nothing. It was months later, when she took me to cannabis events that were happening nearby that I began to piece things together. At first, I was confused, why was she taking me to a cannabis education place? What does a cannabis dispensary have to do with either of us? Fast forward another month later, when my sister finally told me she had been using cbd products and cannabis flower products. That’s all? With the way she was acting I thought she had done something truly awful! But my sister seemed to think that I would suddenly hate her for using cannabis cartridge products, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! It didn’t change my opinion of her at all, which seemed to relieve her. For the most part, she had medical uses for cannabis, although sometimes she would use it recreationally. My guess is that she thought that since our parents are very strict and taught us to not believe in such things, that I would look down on her or something. Luckily for her, it doesn’t really affect me that she is a vape product user. Even our parents don’t care as much, so I really think that she has nothing to worry about.

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Medical cannabis has vastly improved my life

I had to leave work early again.

I was feeling a migraine come on, and I was also beginning to feel nauseous.

I laid down in my bed and I felt close to crying, but I had to hold back because crying only made the migraine worse. The migraines started close to 6 years ago, and my life has never been the same. My relationships have deteoridated down to almost nothing, as most of my family and friends think I am over exaggerating the pain. But hiding in darkness and praying for the pain and the misery to go away is not over exaggerating. I have seen countless doctors, some of which would tell me to my face that it’s all in my head, or that I am lying. I feel like very few people believe, and I have never felt so alone. It wasn’t until I was forced to see a medical marijuana doctor by my sibling that I began to see improvement. I expected the medical marijuana doctor near me to make fun of me or something along those lines. To my surprise he immediately got me on a website for medical marijuana card application, and I was approved! After I got my medical cannabis card I visited a cannabis store. The cannabis budtenders helped me buy what I needed. I started using medical marijuana for my migraines, and to my utter amazement, they slowly began to fade. Three months later, I feel like I am completely new again. I’m so glad my sibling was the only one to support me and get me the help I needed. I honestly think I would have died otherwise. Thank you, cannabis products, you saved my life.

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I was jealous of my friend for a long time

Growing up, my friend always seemed to have it better.

I couldn’t help but to be envious, because in almost every way they had something better than I did. However, I was raised to be thankful for the things I had, so I tried to not feel too envious. However, when my friend’s parents found out he was using cannabis products, they were fully supportive of his decisions! I was happy for him, but I couldn’t help but to feel envious, as well as sad. Because I knew as a vape products user myself, if my parents found out, I would be toast. To be clear, we are both 20, so it’s not like we are underaged. But my parents made sure to drill in my head at a young age that cannabis gummies, cannabis drinks and anything related to medical marijuana was a strict no no in their household, and they told me even after I was an adult that if they ever found out I was using cannabis candy products, they would disown me. It didn’t matter if I had a medical marijuana card, or if I was using medical cannabis for my health. Nothing mattered except my image and how I presented our supposed perfect family. I look at my friend’s family, and how they support him no matter what path he takes, and I wish my family could be that supportive. But I walk this road alone, with only my friend for some support, but he can’t understand having to hide what you do from your family. I guess not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive family.

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