A way to get cannabis

I took a trip, plus my pal Sam was so far away that I had to get on a plane.

I really dislike planes, but in this case there was no other way to travel.

There are a great many valid reasons to dislike airports, from the long ticket lines, hardcore searches, plus high prices to the horrible way people are while traveling. Second, you can’t bring booze or weed with you. I would much prefer driving, however as I said, that wasn’t possible this time. I made sure my pal had a big supply of cannabis plus whiskey for me at his house. Sam tried his best, however his plan of a “big amount” of cannabis is not up to my wants. I usually have at least various different kinds of cannabis on hand at any one time, because I smoke a lot of it plus I love a change. I thanked him for his hospitality, plus then got on my phone to find the closest cannabis dispensary with delivery. I certainly didn’t want to leave again after so much work to get there, so I got the cannabis delivered to his house. They had a special on Orange Kush, which I haven’t smoked in a long time, so I got some of that, and a homegrown local strain. I finished off my order with some topicals, plus then went back to hanging out with my buddy. It took various hours for my order to arrive, plus in that time I smoked the entire supply of cannabis Sam had picked up for my visit.



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A game of smoking weed

I guess it sounds stupid, but give me a break, the cannabis dispensary gave us the products, and all of us literally had nothing else to do however smoke.

How did you pass the time when you social distance? Of course you smoked a ton, all of us did, however what else did you do? There was only so much cable I could watch, you know what I mean? I watched all five seasons of Schitt’s Creek, then the whole run of The Office, plus topped it off with Gilmore Girls plus then every episode of Breaking Bad! After that I just didn’t want to even look at the cable for a while, so I had to get fun with it. I live with my associate Sam plus his girlfriend Lucy, plus all of us hatched the plan of a cannabis game style event. Every one of us created various different games based around smoking weed, and then would go head to head plus see who came out on top. I guess it sounds stupid, but give me a break, the cannabis dispensary gave us the products, and all of us literally had nothing else to do however smoke. We started off with blunts which used lower quality marijuana, and all of us each smoked a whole blunt to see who did it the fastest. Next was the bong rips which used Orange Kush in our sink-based gravity bong, plus this was an endurance challenge. Every one of us honestly should have used lower quality weed for that, because it knocked us all out… however I was the last one standing! The cannabis style of games lasted for the better part of a week, mostly because all of us would smoke ourselves unconscious by the middle of the day! It was an amazing way to pass the time.


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Had to smoke a bunch in a hurry

I took my first boating tour last week! It wasn’t anything huge, just a few day back-and-forth trip to one of the islands.

I had a total blast, plus was partying pretty hard even before all of us left port.

My friends plus I weren’t holding weed at the start, so all of us were hitting the booze pretty difficult to compensate. Our idea was to track down some local stuff in the islands, to try and get high quality grass. Once all of us landed and started walking around, it took us about an hour to find someone with cannabis to sell. It looked great, smelled even fresher, plus the man who sold it claimed it was freshly grown from his own marijuana field. The odd part was that all of us paid him, and he handed us the entire basket of cannabis. It must have been half a pound of this absurdly tasty weed, for the price of what I pay for multiple ounces at home! There was a problem, of course — all of us honestly snuck the cannabis onto the ship, but knew all of us would honestly be searched on the take off. That meant the time was going, and all of us had to power smoke as much marijuana as all of us could before it was time to get off, then someone floated the plan of putting the cannabis in a bong and just ripping it until we finished. We ended up rolling a couple of dozen marijuana blunts plus running around the decks just handing them out — no use in having quality cannabis go to waste!


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I have some competition

Small town life is pretty slow, and a lot of folks have a desire to make things the old way of doing things.

People use this as an excuse to stop change, or even worse get upset about change, when pot legalization came up while I was in the last state polls, this whole town lost its total mind, but people were upset about it, people put up signs and made a huge fuss, but of course legalization passed, we knew it would, so then the town focused on passing a local ordinance to prohibit any cannabis dispensaries from opening within the town limits.

I am okay with this because I have been secretly growing plus selling marijuana for the last various years. I don’t need the competition. It’s funny to me that a few of the people fighting against the cannabis dispensary are buying from me on the sly, no one dares be open about using weed, however lots of people do… thanks to me. I have a little field of marijuana plants deep on my parent’s farmland. This is not an active farm, thanks to government subsidies. My parents make more money by not growing anything, so I use the land for some marijuana plants. I don’t go nuts with it, I haven’t expanded my marijuana field in over a year, because I don’t want to grow so much that it will draw close eyes; Even if the cannabis dispensaries do open, many of the locals won’t want to buy weed in public, so maybe it won’t affect my relocale at all.



Stress relief in form of a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Stress is a very real factor in my life.

From the time I was in middle school, I have dealt with the adverse effects of stress.

And those symptoms include anxiety, feelings of dread and complete spiritual exhaustion. The truth is that I’m just not built like everyone else. My stress limits are real and when I go past them, there are immediate consequences for sure. These days I find relief with a trip to the local cannabis spot. But during highschool, my mom had the doctor put me on antidepressant meds. These meds had a really weird effect on my life. I sort of just was detached and unemotional. I guess it was better than freaking out but it was no way to live. So when I was first introduced to recreational marijuana when I was in college, it was a complete and utter game changer for me. I have no idea what the strain or the THC content but the first time I used marijuana, I saw my life through a whole new prism. It was like the air going out of the ballon and being filled with sunshine. This was not lost on me. When I got out of school, I weaned off the meds. And now, I just make sure that I get to the local cannabis spot for some hybrid strains or some sativa strains. Pretty much 3 to 4 times per week using my goodies from the cannabis dispensary is all it takes to balance and release my stress. And as long as the cannabis dispensary has what I need, I’ll be showing up there a couple times per month with a big smile on my face.

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I use my marijuana oil pen whenever I’m staying overnight in hotel rooms

Since multiple varieties of cannabis distillate oil lack actual cannabis derived terpenes, the exhaled vapor sometimes smells like food products.

I absolutely loathe traveling and staying in hotel rooms, but I was put into a travel position at work for the remainder of the year. I have to get on airplanes every month and I constantly have jet lag each morning as I leave one time zone and enter another. So far I’m keeping my sanity by looking at it like it’s a necessary evil, and a temporary one at that. The job pays more money than I’m used to and it’s nice seeing my savings account grow for the first time in years. I think some people resort to drinking when they get to their hotel rooms, but I can’t afford to show up to a meeting in the morning with a hangover. I’m notoriously sensitive to alcohol and I get a worse hangover from drinking the older I get. I would much rather use cannabis, as it doesn’t give me a nasty hangover the next morning like drinking liquor. It’s nice how I can easily hide a marijuana oil pen in my luggage and the people at the airport think it’s a tobacco vaporizer. I can even put it in my carry on and throw it through the x-ray unit without getting in trouble. Since multiple varieties of cannabis distillate oil lack actual cannabis derived terpenes, the exhaled vapor sometimes smells like food products. If you get a strain that is heavy in the berry tasting terpene myrcene, you might have a product that tastes and smells like candy. That way you can easily use a product like this inside a hotel room without worrying about getting detected by the hospital staff. I can’t think of a more convenient way to get medicated while I’m traveling for work than using my discreet marijuana oil pen.

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I went off the rails in college thanks to cannabis

As a teenager, I was very focused.

I tried my hardest in school, I got a job as soon as I could drive, and I did everything that was expected of me.

I had friends, and went to parties and stuff, but overall I was very much on the straight and narrow, because I was so worried about my future. Parents and teachers are always hammering kids about their future, and in my case it made me overlook the present. While a lot of my friends were experimenting, I was too focused on doing what I was supposed to do for my future. I never even tried smoking cannabis until I was in college. I think it was a bad time to start using cannabis, because it was so new to me I got carried away for a while. I almost lost an entire semester to cannabis, and slaughtered the great GPA I had been carrying. I cannot blame the marijuana for any of that, of course, that was my choice, and I just made a bad choice. Or more accurately, I made the same small bad choice a lot of times in a row! Once I settled down and found my focus I kept smoking cannabis, but in smaller doses, and only at the end of the day. Using cannabis allows me to sleep better then I ever have before, which gives me more energy and actually helps me in my classes. Cannabis is great, and I love using it, but there is such a thing as getting too carried away with it.



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Cannabis creates jobs, and everyone likes that

Every summer when I was a kid I went to this tiny small town out in the country to stay with my grandparents.

It was a pretty boring town, not a whole lot for a kid to do, so when I got to be a teenager I stopped going.

That was a lot of years ago, and I decided that I should go revisit that small town and see my grandparents. Ten years had passed, and I was shocked to see how much the place had changed. There were more houses, more people, and more businesses. The central park had been renovated and expanded. Best of all, there was a cannabis dispensary located in the newly renovated downtown area. I would have bet money on the barrelhead that a sleepy town like this would have been against a cannabis dispensary, but I guess I was wrong. I went in to check it out, because I had to see what a cannabis dispensary in a small farming town looked like. It was very similar to the cannabis dispensary I used at home, but their selection behind the counter was markedly different. The owner of this place had contracts with several different local marijuana farmers, and so he had access to local stuff no one else had! I came to find out that those local marijuana farmers, and this dispensary, had provided a big economic boost for the town. The taxes collected locally on cannabis sales was a huge influx of cash, and local eateries have benefitted, as well. Cannabis creates jobs, and everyone likes that.


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A real-life cannabis fairy tale of epic proportions

The grandma was a hippie, and I don’t mean she was around in the Flower Power era, I mean she was a big part of it. She attended all the major rallies and marches, she protested everything she could find to protestm, and she met a lot of famous people. In a twist of fate, she met a soldier coming back from Vietnam and they fell in love with one another. They left everything behind, moved out to a remote patch of land on the west coast, and started growing marijuana together. It’s like something out of a fairy tale, isn’t it? Grandma grew the marijuana, and grandpa helped her with the manual labor and ran security. You better believe that ex-soldier took good care of his land, and made sure no one would ever dare mess with their marijuana crops. This includes marijuana thieves, cops, and wild animals too, but of course he dealt with every threat in it’s own way. He put up fences to keep local herbivores from eating the cannabis plants, and put signs on those fence posts to warn away trespassers. I don’t know how he kept the cops away, because grandma became locally famous as a master marijuana producer, but they never had any legal trouble. Perhaps he paid them off in product, and gave every local cop a big fat cannabis bribe to keep them away, or maybe they just feared him. In all those years, grandpa never actually smoked marijuana himself, but he was loyal to grandma, the business, and the family.


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I prefer the old way of buying weed

Why does there always have to be taxes involved? Back in the day, before legalization changed the way things were done, paying “tax” on your weed ment pinching off a fat bud for a guy who set it up.

A cool dealer would never charge this kind of tax ,but it was still good manners to at least offer to smoke the guy out with the stuff he just sold you.

Those days are long gone, sadly, and now the taxes being paid are real taxes, to the tune of 7% I would rather just break off a chunk of cannabis instead of paying the extra cash, but this is how the world works now. Another thing I miss about the old way of buying cannabis is the bulk discount. Cannabis dispensaries offer a retail price for the product, and you won’t get a discount for buying a lot of it. Back in the day I would buy half a pound of marijuana at once, get a huge price break, and save a lot of money over the long term. Modern day cannabis dispensaries are designed to smell smaller amounts with greater frequency, to keep people coming back for more. I like going to the dispensary, it’s always fun to see what new cannabis strains they have, but I would rather buy bulk like in the old days. I know I sound like a grumpy old, and I am, but what’s wrong with liking the way I used to procure cannabis instead of cheering for these clean, sanity, boring dispensaries.


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